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Apply for a Prospect course


Apply for a Prospect course

The courses in our national education programme are listed below. When you find the right course, you can check availability and apply online.

Please secure time off for the course from your employer BEFORE you apply. Cancellations, once your place has been confirmed, incur costs and are a drain on Prospect's resources.

You can browse through the current list of courses below. If the course you want is not listed, not being offered in a location near you, or is already fully booked, contact the education team for advice.

Reps can also attend courses run by the TUC/unionlearn. Its website describes the TUC core course programme; from there, select your TUC region, then find out which courses and dates are available locally.

Applications for TUC courses need to be authorised by your Prospect full-time officer, your branch secretary or Prospect's education team. If your branch secretary signs the form please send us a copy.

Upcoming courses