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Members' guides

Members' guides

These are short guides covering a range of issues that affect individual members.


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01 Lone Working   info
Advice for anyone who travels alone, carries out fieldwork or works at outside premises
 15 January 2011  ID: 2007/00548

03 Harassment and bullying   info
What is harassment, and how to deal with it
 28 September 2017  ID: 2007/00549

08 Stress   info
Members' Guide to stress. Prospect’s Stress, Stigma, Solutions campaign is based on the premise that stress and stigma can be overcome and that there are solutions.
 06 March 2014  ID: 2005/00629

17 Equality at work   info
An overview of the legal rights that relate to equal opportunities at work as at November 2012.
 24 February 2017  ID: 2008/00092

26 Safe driving and work-related road risk   info
This aims to safeguard you as a road user, protect you as a duty-holder ,and enable Prospect reps to measure and promote their employer’s compliance.
 15 May 2012  ID: 2012/00794

27 atypical workers   info
A guide for members working on atypical contracts, including freelancers, consultants or members working on variable or ‘zero hours’ contracts.
 16 January 2013  ID: 2013/00066

A workplace guide to dealing with sexual harassment   info
A workplace guide to dealing with sexual harassment
 01 June 2018  ID: 2018/01069