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Campaign leaflets and posters

Campaign leaflets and posters

Leaflet/booklet: Stress true/false quiz   info
Leaflet for awareness-raising & recruitment which contains True/False quiz with answers on stress.
 28 September 2016  ID: 2016/01877

Poster: Taking time, saving lives – safety rep poster   info
A4 Prospect safety rep poster
 26 September 2016  ID: 2016/01865

Poster: Workers' rights slogans and messages   info
A collection of slogans and messages for pictures and tweets about Prospect's workers' rights campaign. We are calling them WRelfies – workers' rights selfies!
 19 January 2016  ID: 2016/00152

Poster: "helping to make your workplace family friendly"   info
Poster about Prospect's campaign to strengthen and negotiate a good work-life balance
 21 October 2015  ID: 2015/01293

Poster: Good Work A4 poster   info
Does your work tick all the boxes?
 10 February 2014  ID: 2014/00267

Leaflet/booklet: Raising our sights: good work in a fairer and stronger economy   info
Work that is enjoyable, stretching and fulfilling is good for individuals and employers. Our six key components of good work are: Secure, interesting, fulfilling jobs; a culture based on trust and fairness; choice and control over hours; reward and effort in balance; degree of control over pace of work and environment; employee voice.
 27 January 2014  ID: 2014/00188

Poster: Stress and stigma pop art poster   info
Poster encouraging members to talk about mental health, do bodymapping and run a WorkTime YourTime campaign
 14 March 2013  ID: 2013/00375

Leaflet/booklet: WTYT flyer   info
A flyer to promote the WTYT website campaign
 22 February 2012  ID: 2012/00267

Poster: WorkTime YourTime meetings poster   info
A noticeboard poster to advertise WTYT meetings in the workplace
 22 February 2012  ID: 2012/00268

Poster: WorkTime YourTime: Need protecting from burn-out?   info
Sunscreen poster - one of six for the WorkTime YourTime campaign
 06 January 2012  ID: 2012/00029

Poster: WorkTime YourTime: yet another working lunch?   info
Sandwich poster - one of four for the WorkTime YourTime campaign
 06 January 2012  ID: 2012/00028

Poster: Worktime YourTime: Has life in your car gone too far?   info
Dashboard poster - one of four for the WorkTime YourTime campaign
 06 January 2012  ID: 2012/00027