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Recruitment leaflets and posters

Recruitment leaflets and posters

Leaflet/booklet: Early years recruitment leaflet   info
This leaflet tells early years professionals what Prospect can do for them and encourages them to join. It explains how the union can support them, outlines our Early Years Pledge, and includes a joining form
 07 July 2017  ID: 2014/01056

Leaflet/booklet: How does Prospect benefit me as a young professional?   info
When you're starting your professional career, Prospect can support you in a number of ways. We push for career development and lifelong learning; tackle discrimination and unfair treatment; campaign for work-life balance; and provide advice on work-related problems
 01 June 2016  ID: 2012/00795

Leaflet/booklet: Moving on. Can Prospect help me if I'm moving to a new job or looking for work?   info
A leaflet for existing members who are: moving to a different employer to take up a new job; training for a change of career; temporarily unemployed in between contracts; facing redundancy and haven’t yet found a new position. It explains how to retain your Prospect membership, and what benefits you can continue to receive.
 25 May 2016  ID: 2010/00847

Leaflet/booklet: Have you ever wondered why people join a trade union?   info
Leaflet outlining the benefits of Prospect membership: protecting your interests at work, representing you to management, campaigning for jobs and standards, providing individual benefits and services, influencing employers and government.
 24 May 2016  ID: 2010/00849

Leaflet/booklet: Switch to Direct Debit   info
'Your subs made easy with Direct Debit'. This form is for members who pay their Prospect subscriptions by check-off (direct from their salary) but want to switch to Direct Debit
 22 October 2015  ID: 2015/01301

Poster: "Campaigning for fair pay" poster   info
Poster highlighting Prospect's work on equal pay ("Fair workplaces are good workplaces – join Prospect today")
 21 October 2015  ID: 2015/01294

Leaflet/booklet: Student Membership subscription   info
Do you know anyone going off to university? Why not tell them about Prospect’s student membership scheme?
 21 September 2015  ID: 2015/01151

Leaflet/booklet: Don't lose your union protection – switch to Direct Debit   info
A5 flyer encouraging members to switch their subs to Direct Debit in areas where subs from pay is being withdrawn.
 17 August 2015  ID: 2015/01000

Leaflet/booklet: You wouldn't sunbathe without protection – so why work without it?   info
A5 2 page recruitment flyer
 17 August 2015  ID: 2015/00998

Leaflet/booklet: Your voice at work postcard   info
Your voice at work postcard. Please note, stocks held by organisers.
 01 July 2015  ID: 2015/00815

Leaflet/booklet: BT Licence or Lottery A5 flyer   info
BT Licence or Lottery A5 flyer
 14 April 2015  ID: 2015/00489

Leaflet/booklet: Member recruit member, Aspect group leaflet   info
Member recruit member leaflet for the Aspect group
 02 March 2015  ID: 2015/00288

Leaflet/booklet: Member recruit member, general leaflet   info
Leaflet and application form for our Member recruit member initiative. If you're signing up a colleague, this is the leaflet to use.
 27 January 2015  ID: 2015/00130

Leaflet/booklet: Good Work A5 flyer BT Graduates pdf version   info
Good Work A5 flyer BT Graduates pdf version
 01 October 2014  ID: 2014/01258

Leaflet/booklet: Parent Partnership Services recruitment leaflet   info
Information about the Aspect Group Parent Partnership Services Network
 01 September 2014  ID: 2014/01152

Leaflet/booklet: Member recruit member, defence sector leaflet   info
Member recruit member leaflet for the defence sector
 11 April 2014  ID: 2014/00556