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Latest leaflets and posters


Step up and get involved   info
Leaflet to encourage members to become reps

Political Fund opt out form   info
Form for members who wish to opt out of contributing to the Prospect political fund (except Northern Ireland)

Prospect and STEM Recruitment leafet   info
Prospect & STEM: Prospect at work A recruitment leaflet for STEM professionals detailing the work already carried out by Prospect.

Apprentices – Why join Prospect?   info
Leaflet outlining the benefits of Prospect membership to workplace apprentices.

Women in Football   info
Women in Football - What can Prospect do for you/

Your voice at work – AGCS recruitment leaflet   info
Your voice at work – AGCS recruitment leaflet 2016

Introducing Prospect – Airwave   info
Prospect recruitment leaflet for the Airwave branch

Prospect - A Guide for Retired Members - September 2016   info
Prospect Retired Members' Guide updated following Annual Delegate Conference 2015


Don’t let standards fall through the health and safety net   info
Prospect health and safety calling for standards to be protected.

Heartunions week 2017 Prospect posters   info
A collection of #heartunions week 2017 posters for Prospect members.

"Safety first – not profits" aviation poster   info
"Safety first – not profits" aviation poster published in the New Statesman January 2017

Hands off our pensions – Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 2017   info
Hands off our pensions – posters on the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority 2017 pensions dispute.

Your voice at work – AGCS recruitment poster   info
Your voice at work – AGCS recruitment poster 2016

Let's Talk Prospect ...keep recruiting A4 poster   info
General recruitment poster

…it's bullying A4 recruitment poster   info
Anti-bullying poster highlighting different types of bullying

Taking time, saving lives – safety rep poster   info
A4 Prospect safety rep poster