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General course information

General course information

This is the key information you need if you're planning to attend one of our courses.

Applying for a course

You can apply for any of our national courses online. Your application will be sent to your branch for approval. We'll let you know if you've got a place on your chosen course as soon as possible, but no later than 1 month of the course start date..

Joining instructions

You will receive detailed joining instructions approximately 14 days before your course. Please read them carefully - they will contain directions to the course venue, information about start and finish times, and any pre-course work required. The POLA travel & Subsistence policy will also be attached.


For 2-day courses we will book overnight accommodation for all participants at the end of day one. If you need additional accommodation, or if you don't need to stay overnight at all, please contact POLAeducation@prospect.org.uk as soon as you get confirmation of your course.


We make every effort to hold courses in venues that have high standards of accessibility. We will also provide training materials in different formats on request. If you have particular requirements please contact POLAeducation@prospect.org.ukto discuss how we can best meet these. See our accessibility and inclusion page for further detail. 


Your accommodation and meals for the duration of the course will be booked and paid for by Prospect. Other expenses will be paid in line with Prospect's policy [opens in a new window]. You will need to provide itemised receipts for all claimed expenditure. Credit card receipts will not suffice.

You can hand your completed claim to the course tutor or return it to us by post. Incomplete claims, or those with receipts missing, will be returned to you unpaid. All claims are paid electronically by bank transfer, so it is important that you supply the correct bank account number and sort code.

Evaluation and feedback

POLA embraces a policy of continuous improvement. Everyone has the potential to get better at what they do! On each course you attend you will be asked to complete a course evaluation form. Your completed forms help us to understand the things we are doing well and those that we need to improve upon. It also helps us to plan future training more efficiently.

You can also provide us with feedback, suggestions, compliments and complaints anytime. Email us at POLAeducation@prospect.org.uk