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Documents of type: Information update (News)


Document type: Information update (News)

There are 1946 documents that match the specified criteria.

ID Document type Title Publication date
2017/01434 Information update (News) Labour commits to future of nuclear industry 18 September 2017
2017/01433 Information update (News) Prospect calls for action to protect pension scheme members 15 September 2017
2017/01411 Information update (News) The punishment of civil servants must end now – Mike Clancy 13 September 2017
2017/01409 Information update (News) Prospect President speaks up for arts and entertainment workers at TUC 13 September 2017
2017/01387 Information update (News) Just hang up on pension scams 13 September 2017
2017/01382 Information update (News) Prospect speaks up for high-skilled defence jobs at TUC 12 September 2017
2017/01377 Information update (News) Pay cap not dead until money appears in public sector pay packets 12 September 2017
2017/01383 Information update (News) Prospect speaks out at TUC against erosion of workplace safety 12 September 2017
2017/01378 Information update (News) Prospect members willing to take further action over ScottishPower Generation pay freeze 12 September 2017
2017/01363 Information update (News) Prospect calls for more employee representation on public sector boards at TUC 11 September 2017
2017/01410 Information update (News) Prospect launches new campaign to end public sector pay cap 11 September 2017
2017/01358 Information update (News) TUC backs Prospect on protecting STEM in Brexit 10 September 2017
2017/01349 Information update (News) Delayed ships plan ‘shot in the arm’ for communities across UK 07 September 2017
2017/01348 Information update (News) No answers from government on science after Brexit 07 September 2017
2017/01339 Information update (News) Shipbuilding Strategy Boost For Rosyth 06 September 2017
2017/01336 Information update (News) Prospect raises questions about new school improvement roles 06 September 2017
2017/01332 Information update (News) Pressure mounts on Downing Street after Scotland scraps public sector pay cap 05 September 2017
2017/01330 Information update (News) Scottish Government ends Civil Service Pay Cap 05 September 2017
2017/01314 Information update (News) Serco members concerned about review of pension provision 01 September 2017
2017/01310 Information update (News) Prospect concerns about implementation of government plans for 30 hours free childcare 31 August 2017
2017/01246 Information update (News) Thumbs up for VOA performance pilot 17 August 2017
2017/01244 Information update (News) Prospect signs recognition agreement with Babcock Mission Critical Services 16 August 2017
2017/01243 Information update (News) Prospect members show their support at Pride 15 August 2017
2017/01242 Information update (News) Prospect calls on Babcock International to alter pension proposals 15 August 2017
2017/01236 Information update (News) 2017/2018 BT Pay Update 15 August 2017
2017/01134 Information update (News) Prospect hits back at Ryanair air traffic control claims 04 August 2017
2017/01133 Information update (News) Prospect speaks up for National Grid workforce in changes 03 August 2017
2017/01130 Information update (News) Justice at last – Prospect union wins asbestos claim for engineer’s widow 02 August 2017
2017/01116 Information update (News) 2018 Civil & Public Service Pay Award Dates Brought forward in Scotland 28 July 2017
2017/01109 Information update (News) MoD Main Pay Review 2017 27 July 2017