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Health and safety leaflets and posters

Health and safety leaflets and posters

Poster: Don’t let standards fall through the health and safety net   info
Prospect health and safety calling for standards to be protected.

Leaflet/booklet: Stress true/false quiz   info
Leaflet for awareness-raising & recruitment which contains True/False quiz with answers on stress.

Poster: Taking time, saving lives – safety rep poster   info
A4 Prospect safety rep poster

Leaflet/booklet: Safety representatives and safety committees - Brown Book   info
The TUC/Prospect 'Brown book' sets out the regulations, codes of practice and guidance relating to the Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations, 1977. It also lists all other health and safety legislation that requires employers to consult with employees or safety representatives. March 2015 edition.

Leaflet/booklet: 40@40: health and safety stories from the frontline   info
Celebrating 40 years of protecting life, Prospect brings you 40@40: health and safety stories from the frontline, a collection of narratives from inspectors whose voices are rarely heard yet are envied around the globe for their professionalism, regulatory intelligence and discretion.

Poster: Stop playing games with health and safety A4 poster   info
Every review shows our H&S framework works. Still the Government ignores evidence and meddles. We’ll remember the dead and fight for the living. Red tape not red dressings or bandages!

Poster: Good Work A4 poster   info
Does your work tick all the boxes?

Leaflet/booklet: Stress do's and don'ts - useful in recruitment   info
Simple advice to raise awareness of stress signs, symptoms and support.

Poster: Safety reps – your rock in a hard place   info
A4 poster to encourage people to become health and safety reps

Poster: Prospect, sea change at work poster   info
A4 poster for health and safety reps. Sea change at work? Make sure it's fair change

Leaflet/booklet: WTYT flyer   info
A flyer to promote the WTYT campaign

Poster: WorkTime YourTime meetings poster   info
A noticeboard poster to advertise WTYT meetings in the workplace