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Here you can download all the main magazines and newsletters Prospect produces for its members

Latest issues

National newsletter: WiseEye November 2017   info
WiseEye November 2017 – Prospect's newsletter for retired members
 31 October 2017 

National newsletter: EducationEye, October 2017   info
Newsletter for members in the Education Services
 18 October 2017 

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 15 - October 2017   info
LegalEye features recent legal cases for Prospect members, news on employment law and information on Prospect legal services. This edition includes news of; equal pay at the met office, a tribunal claim of disability discrimination, success at judicial mediation, and a look ahead to UnionWeek 2017.
 12 October 2017 

National newsletter: Personal Injury Scheme: Why you are better off with Prospect   info
Personal Injury Scheme: Why you are better of with Prospect is a one off special in the style of Legal Eye featuring a range of success stories from the Prospect legal scheme
 11 October 2017 

National newsletter: Stage Screen and Radio, Autumn 2017   info
The Autumn issue of our BECTU sector magazine. Contents include: Union Week; tax issues for freelancers; the major response to the review on BBC's terms and conditions; ACAS stepping in to help with the West End theatres pay claim; BT pensions; Roger Darlington's column on our changing TV habits.
 06 October 2017 

Profile: Profile issue 3/17, October 2017   info
Contents include: New Public Service campaign; Union Week 2017; TUC 2017 reports; Living wage campaign; Union legal win; Brexit and skills; Brexit and Euratom; Pension scandal; Health and safety regulations; plus more news from around our industries
 02 October 2017 

Report magazine: Report, September 2017   info
This issue of Report, Prospect's magazine for reps, is a special issue looking ahead to Union Week in October.
 12 September 2017 

National newsletter: WiseEye July 2017   info
WiseEye July 2017 – Prospect's newsletter for retired members
 23 August 2017