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Latest issues

National newsletter: Open for All- LGBT+ Network newsletter Summer 2017   info
Summer 2017 LGBT+ Newsletter covering issues such as: Prospect Pride Events 2017 Pensions TUC LGBT+ Conference LGBT+ Videos Getting involved with Prospect
 27 July 2017 

National newsletter: EnergyEye July 2017   info
National newsletter for members in energy and nuclear. Contents include: A New Deal for Nuclear – Prospect's campaign and pamphlet; pressure builds around Euratom; post-election turmoil may delay pensions shake-up; dial in to talk tax relief; reports from the energy supply industry sector biennial conference – including nuclear priorities panel debate, Brexit, energy policy and Prospect member survey; free financial check-up and personal injury scheme.
 25 July 2017 

National newsletter: EducationEye, July 2017   info
The July issue of Prospect's newsletter for members in the Education and Children's Services group. Contents include: New Soulbury pay and conditions agreement; biennial meeting and group executive council election arrangements; Warwick Mansell reads between the lines of the Queen's Speech on education policy; updates from your negotiating teams; Scottish education shake-up; new studies and research; Maurice John Gifford obituary
 07 July 2017 

Profile: Profile issue 2/17, May 2017   info
Contents include: general election 2017 – questions to ask your candidates; new gender pay gap rules; Prospect's new smartphone app; Prospect rep Satnam Ner – the STUC’S first black president; Devonport’s environment reps – leading the way on sustainable workplaces. Plus news from across our industries, and Prospect's financial statement for 2016
 25 May 2017 

National newsletter: Stage Screen and Radio, Spring 2017   info
The Spring 2017 issue of our BECTU sector magazine. Contents include: Openreach deal - what happens next? Diversity - BECTU and Writers’ Guild boycott Diamond initiative; BBC pay claim - unions demand increase above RPI; Roger Darlington - in whose interests does Ofcom regulate?
 20 April 2017 

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 13 - April 2017   info
LegalEye features recent legal cases for Prospect members, news on employment law, and information on Prospect legal services. This edition includes a case at the supreme court, a successful tribunal case on sex discrimination, and update on our equal pay case at the Met Office and a report from the health & safety conference.
 11 April 2017 

National newsletter: EnergyEye April 2017   info
EnergyEye, Prospect's newsletter for members in the energy sector.
 10 April 2017 

National newsletter: EducationEye, March 2017   info
Prospect's newsletter for members in Education and Children's Services. Contents include: schools funding crisis, government's early years workforce strategy, school improvement funding changes, teacher shortages, how Prospect is supporting members, the need for qualified EY staff, Scottish schools, and "selective" comprehensives
 23 March 2017