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The implications of Brexit for STEM – Experiences from the frontline   info
What will Brexit mean for UK science and engineering? Prospect is proud to represent 50,000 scientists, engineers and technical specialists across all major sectors of the economy
 06 March 2017 

Step up and get involved   info
Leaflet to encourage members to become reps
 07 February 2017 

Prospect and STEM Recruitment leafet   info
Prospect & STEM: Prospect at work A recruitment leaflet for STEM professionals detailing the work already carried out by Prospect.
 08 December 2016 

How union membership can benefit you as an apprentice   info
Leaflet outlining the benefits of Prospect membership to workplace apprentices.
 28 November 2016 

Women in Football   info
Women in Football - What can Prospect do for you?
 10 November 2016 

Your voice at work – AGCS recruitment leaflet   info
Your voice at work – AGCS recruitment leaflet 2016
 08 November 2016 

Introducing Prospect – Airwave   info
Prospect recruitment leaflet for the Airwave branch
 08 November 2016 

Prospect - A Guide for Retired Members - September 2016   info
Prospect Retired Members' Guide updated following Annual Delegate Conference 2015
 12 October 2016 

2017 subscription rates for members in education and children's services   info
2017 subscription rates for members in education and children's services
 11 October 2016 

Ofcom Digital Review Desktop Leaflet   info
Ofcom Digital Review Desktop Leaflet
 04 October 2016 

Stress true/false quiz   info
Leaflet for awareness-raising & recruitment which contains True/False quiz with answers on stress.
 28 September 2016 

2017 subscription rates for branches outside ESI sector   info
Subs rates leaflet for branches outside the Electricity Supply Industry sector. The rates apply from 1 January 2017
 26 September 2016