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DE&S Apprentice Information Leaflet   info
Apprentice Information Leaflet for DE&S

DE&S Apprentices and Graduates Leaflet   info
Apprentices and Graduates Leaflet for DE&S

Combatting unconscious bias – a checklist for employers   info
Combatting unconscious bias – a checklist for employers

Prospect political fund rules   info
Prospect political fund rules from March 2018

Prospect political fund opt-in form   info
Prospect political fund opt-in form from March 2018

Women in Football – What can Prospect do for you?   info
Prospect has developed a short newsletter setting out just some of the benefits of Prospect membership for Women in Football members and hopes that this partnership will lead to more equality of opportunity for women in the workplace.

Heart Unions sign for BECTU sector competition   info
Members in the C&D division are encouraged to download and print this Heart Unions sign, take a photograph of yourself and/or colleagues holding up one or more signs, and share on BECTU's social media. The winning photos will appear on the BECTU website and in the sector members’ magazine Stage, Screen and Radio.

Prospect LGBT+ Network booklet – helping you in the workplace   info
This booklet offers insight to help reps, and LGBT+ Network members create a network. It covers: What is the LGBT+ Community? Prospect’s LGBT+ Network; what can Prospect offer your LGBT+ Network? How to set up a network; how Prospect can help with common LGBT+ issues; LGBT+ rights at work; what is Prospect? Useful information

A future for UK aviation – safety and resilience   info
Prospect's manifesto for the future of UK aviation (short version)

Stop mean time for staff at Greenwich   info
Leaflet outlining changes to staff working hours

A sustainable future for UK energy   info
Prospect is proposing six measures that will be key to setting the UK on a path to a secure, affordable, and sustainable energy future

Brexit: Shaping the future for EU nationals   info
In October 2017 Prospect responded to a call for evidence from the Government’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) on the economic and social impact of the UK’s exit from the EU and how the UK’s immigration system should be aligned with a modern industrial strategy