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News across the union

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Union responds to news that Hitachi is suspending UK nuclear projects

MPs must not allow clock to tick down to No Deal, Prospect warns

A survey of Prospect’s members has revealed their overwhelming pessimism about the impact of the government’s deal on their industries, and on their work. 

Prospect members at Tolpuddle festival
Prospect Scotland is delighted to announce that membership in the branches supported by the Edinburgh Office grew for the sixth successive year in 2018. Thanks to the efforts of reps, Edinburgh office staff and other colleagues, Prospect Scotland recruited 896 new members in 2018, compared to 802 in 2017 – an 11% increase. So, overall membership, based on members joining and members leaving, grew by 48 – an increase of 0.55% on the year.

Plane in sky near air traffic control tower
Members of Prospect’s Air Traffic Control Officers (ATCOs) branch have offered solidarity – and financial support – to their comrades affected by the US government shutdown in the US.