Membership application forms

Membership application form energy supply industry sector (subs from pay)   info

Membership application form Cymraeg/Welsh version   info

Membership application form   info

Membership application form (Isle of Man)   info

Direct debit mandate

BECTU sector direct debit mandate   info
Direct download link for BECTU sector direct debit mandate. For use in 'Switch to direct debit and save 25%' offer

Direct debit mandate form   info
If you don't already pay your Prospect subscriptions by direct debit, or if you need to change your existing direct debit mandate for any reason - for example if you move your bank account - use this PDF version of the mandate. If you currently pay by deduction from salary, the PDF includes an instruction to your employer to cease this.

Health and safety forms (some are for reps only)

Blank (PDF) safety rep inspection form from Brown Book   info
HSE-approved safety rep form for use when recording an inspection. Download for completion by hand. Go to Word version for electronic completion

Blank (PDF) safety representatives report form from Brown Book   info
HSE-approved safety rep form for use when notifying employer of a H&S concern. Download for hand written completion or use the following Word version for electronic completion

Notification of safety rep appointment   info
Letter template for notifying employer of Prospect appointment of new safety rep

Prospect asbestos register form   info
If you've been exposed to asbestos at work, use this form to record the details. We'll add them to our asbestos register for use in any future compensation claims, either on your own behalf or your colleagues.

Expenses forms

Members' expenses form to be paid by HQ   info
Expense form to be used by members from 25 May 2018, with a mileage rate of 33p per mile. Please complete if you are claiming expenses for attending centrally-funded meetings or branch expenses which are paid by HQ, ie NEC, NEC sub-committees, SESAC, RMG national and regional committees, Heritage Group, TUC, STUC, Blackworkers conference, BT committee, Scottish Power branch etc.

Benevolent fund

Benevolent fund application form   info
All current or retired members of Prospect and their dependants are eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Prospect Benevolent Fund. This is the application form.

Personal case forms

Personal case pro-forma   info
This is a four-page pro-forma for reps to use when dealing with a personal case. It prompts you to ask all the relevant questions and record the answers when a member approaches you for help.
ID: 2008/00478