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Rep's and negotiator's guides

Rep's and negotiator's guides

Prospect produces a range of guides to help our reps carry out their role professionally and effectively.

rep's handbookOur rep's handbook (PDF, login required) is an introduction to the role of a Prospect representative. It provides the basic information that reps need and and points you in the right direction if you need to know more.

Our guide to time off and facilities for trade union reps (PDF, login required) tells you what you need to know about your rights and responsibilities as a rep.

We also have information for some of our specialist reps:

If you don't find what you are looking for please contact Prospect's website team.

Reps' guides

Campaign guide   info
On the campaign trail: Prospect's guide to campaigning: planning, taking action, lobbying, winning outside support, dealing with the media, campaign kit and resources.

Defined contribution pension schemes – representatives' guide   info
This guide highlights the features of good defined contribution pension schemes that Prospect would like to see in place for any scheme our members contribute to.

Fair Change – Prospect guide to organisational change   info
This guide presents early findings from Prospect's research into organisational change, as a framework to promote awareness and prompt dialogue about our future policy direction.

Lobbying parliament   info
Government policies have a huge impact on people at work. From employment law to energy policy, every Prospect member is affected by political decisions in one way or another. If you're campaigning for a change of policy, this guide explains how to use the parliamentary process to assist your cause. (Rep's guide no. 3)

Media Guide   info
This guide seeks to give some practical advice to representatives on handling media inquiries and contacting press, radio and TV.

Recruitment guide   info
Recruitment should be a key activity for every Prospect representative. Identifying non-members, reporting staff changes, contacting newcomers and persuading them to join are the basis for all other Prospect work.

Rep's handbook   info
This handbook is an introduction to the role of a Prospect representative. It provides the basic information that reps need and and how to find out more. [Updated April 2017]

Stress, stigma and solutions   info
A guide for Prospect representatives on tackling stress and making links to stigma and discrimination. Based on solutions. Linked to MG8, MG29 and Stress poster: MG8 MG29 Stress pop-art poster

TUC guide: Go green at work   info
Handbook for environment representatives or members interested in workplace environmental sustainability