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Topic: Worklife balance

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Millions denied annual leave
13-Aug-2018 14:15

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Circular: Standard: Health and safety conference, 3 April 2019 - invitation to express interest
info 23-Jan-2019 09:00
Prospect will hold its seventh health and safety conference on 3 April. It will focus on stress and mental health, which continues to be a Prospect priority. We invite you to express an interest in attending.

Agreement: Fair Work Agreement with Scottish Government
info 13-Nov-2018 09:33
Fair Work Agreement covering Scottish Government main bargaining area

Poster: WorkSafe poster pack
info 5-Oct-2018 11:50
WorkSafe poster pack containing all six themed posters including stress, safe driving, lone working, hazards, PPE and rest breaks.

Poster: WorkSafe poster – Hazards
info 5-Oct-2018 11:47
WorkSafe poster – Hazards

Poster: WorkSafe poster – Rest breaks
info 5-Oct-2018 11:46
WorkSafe poster – Rest breaks

Poster: WorkSafe poster – Stress
info 5-Oct-2018 11:44
WorkSafe poster – Stress

Poster: WorkSafe poster – PPE
info 5-Oct-2018 11:42
WorkSafe poster – PPE

Poster: WorkSafe poster – Lone working
info 5-Oct-2018 11:40
WorkSafe poster – Lone working