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Topic: Telecoms

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BT Swindon Members Briefing
16-Jul-2019 16:22

BT People Framework Q and A
12-Jul-2019 15:52

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Agreement: BT Guidance for Carers
info 30-Jul-2014 12:15
BT Guidance for Carers

Agreement: BT EDDI Agreement
info 9-Dec-2011 14:33
BT EDDI Agreement

Agreement: BT Parental Leave
info 9-Dec-2011 14:31
BT Parental Leave

Agreement: BT Adoption Leave Procedure
info 9-Dec-2011 14:20
BT Adoption Leave Procedure

Agreement: BT Paternity Leave Procedure
info 9-Dec-2011 14:14
BT Paternity Leave

Agreement: BT Maternity Leave Procedure
info 9-Dec-2011 14:10
BT Maternity Leave Procedure

Agreement: BT TOIL Agreement Guidance
info 8-Dec-2011 12:30
BT TOIL Agreeement Guidance

Agreement: BT Facilities Agreement
info 8-Dec-2011 12:43
BT Facilities Agreement