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Topic: Telecoms

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BT Pay 2017 Update
20-Oct-2017 16:29

BT Pay 2017/2018 Update
3-Oct-2017 11:46


Local newsletter: BT London news
info 12-Oct-2017 16:00
News and events for members in BT London branches.

Local newsletter: Prospect BT Midlands Network Newsletter October 2017
info 10-Oct-2017 15:58
Prospect BT Midlands Network Newsletter October 2017

Leaflet/booklet: BT AGM Pay Leaflet 2017
info 26-Jul-2017 17:13
Leaflet distributed outside of the BT AGM July 2017

Knowledge Document: BTRSS Medical Retirement Provisions
info 26-Apr-2017 11:49
BTRSS policy and provisions ill health retirement

Local newsletter: The Bonus Newsletter November 2016
info 15-Nov-2016 12:45
The bonus newsletter, November 2016 - Newsletter for all BT sales grades

Briefing: Brexit briefing - September 2016
info 26-Sep-2016 16:22
• Brexit – what is happening • Economic impact • Issues for key industries and sectors • Issues for EU nationals in the UK, and UK nationals abroad • Employment rights • What Prospect is doing

Attachment: CWU and Prospect Joint Submission to Ofcom DCR Sept 2016
info 23-Sep-2016 11:20
CWU and Prospect Submission to Ofcom’s consultation on Strengthening Openreach’s strategic and operational independence

Agreement: BT Employee Guide to AJS
info 12-Sep-2016 15:42
BT Employee Guide to AJS v5 (Final Draft)