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Topic: Recruitment & organisation

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Standing up for your rights
19-Dec-2018 17:15

United for take off
23-Oct-2018 13:35

Blog Articles


Leaflet/booklet: Equality calendar 2019
info 12-Dec-2018 12:22
Leaflet listing key religious festivals and other key dates to helps reps organise awareness raising events, activities or discussions around equality and diversity in their workplaces

Poster: Prospect year planner 2019
info 4-Dec-2018 10:20
Year planner for Prospect reps and branches

Form: BECTU sector direct debit mandate
info 23-Nov-2018 09:59
Direct download link for BECTU sector direct debit mandate. For use in 'Switch to direct debit and save 25%' offer

Poster: I want to see fair pay...
info 16-Nov-2018 09:42
A4 recruitment poster, I want to see fair pay and careers, advice and support when I need it...

Knowledge Document: Stress busting colouring in sheet and instructions
info 31-Oct-2018 15:16
Regardless of artistic talent, colouring in has many positive impacts. Research has shown that it encourages you to be sociable, trains your brain to focus and reduces stress.

Leaflet/booklet: A powerful voice at work for you
info 30-Aug-2018 10:55
Energy and nuclear sector recruitment leaflet

Leaflet/booklet: Member recruit member (Welsh language version)
info 18-Jun-2018 16:33
Member recruit member application form in Welsh

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 17 - May 2018
info 31-May-2018 08:35
Description to follow