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Circular: Standard: PSSEC - firefighters' and judges' age discrimination cases
info 9-Feb-2018 16:00
A circular outlining the recent EAT decision about age discrimination claims brought by firefighters and judges in relation to public sector pension reform.

Briefing: Autumn Budget 2017 - initial summary
info 22-Nov-2017 17:23
This second Budget of 2017 is the first of what is intended to be a new sequence of annual Autumn Budgets, interspersed with spring “statements” on the state of the economy and public finances with fewer new policy measures. This briefing focuses on issues that may be of particular interest to Prospect members. Contents • Introduction • Economy • Brexit • Public finances • Wages and living standards • Self-employment • Public sector pay, employment and funding • Developments and announcements relevant to specific industries and sectors o Defence o Energy o Environment o Nuclear o Science o Transport

Submission: Prospect Response Civil Service DC Pensions Provider Consultation
info 25-Oct-2017 16:02
Response to Cabinet Office's consultation on the appoint Legal & General as the sole provider for Civil Service's defined contribution pension schemes.

Leaflet/booklet: Prospect's vision for a modern public service
info 11-Sep-2017 12:00
Our vision for public services that will meet the challenges of the 2020s and beyond, and our plan for building the workforce that can deliver it

Poster: Public servants working for you - particle physicist
info 8-Sep-2017 11:57
A poster for Prospect's campaign to remove the cap on public sector pay

Poster: Public servants working for you - climate scientist
info 8-Sep-2017 10:33
A poster for Prospect's campaign to remove the cap on public sector pay

Submission: A Severance Policy for Scotland: Consultation on severance arrangements across the devolved public sector
info 23-Jun-2017 10:55
AFPO response to Scottish Government Consultation on Severance

Letter: Pay in the civil service and the wider public sector
info 19-Jun-2017 15:38
Prospect general secretary wrote to the Prime Minister on 19 June calling on the government to lift the 1% cap on public sector pay and revise the Treasury's pay remit guidance to civil service departments and agencies.