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Knowledge Document: AEA Technology pensions dossier
info 14-Jul-2017 10:19
Dossier compiled by AEA Technology campaigners describing the failure of the AEAT pension scheme and how it affects the pensioners

Briefing: Brexit and STEM - Prospect at work 4
info 6-Jun-2017 10:17
The fourth of a series of briefings keeping members updated on Brexit progression.

Submission: Prospect Response to DWP Green Paper - Defined benefit pension schemes: security and sustainability
info 12-May-2017 13:02
Prospect Response to DWP Green Paper - Defined benefit pension schemes: security and sustainability

Briefing: General election 2017: key questions for candidates and parties
info 27-Apr-2017 18:02
Suggested questions on issues of critical importance to Prospect members. Use them to challenge candidates and parties on the issues that matter to you.

Employment law briefing: 056 - Brexit, employment rights and the general election
info 19-Apr-2017 17:21
This briefing looks at workers’ rights and how these may be affected by Brexit, drawing on the two recent white papers. With the general election called for June it is important that we keep employment rights high on the political agenda.

Briefing: Spring Budget 2017 - initial briefing
info 8-Mar-2017 16:56
This Budget was intended to be more low-key than previous occasions, as the new Chancellor has decided to try to reserve most major tax announcements for a new annual Autumn Budget, interspersed by more limited “Statements” every Spring. However there have been some significant changes to the economic outlook and a few policy developments likely to be of interest to Prospect members. Contents • Introduction • Economy • Brexit • Public finances • Wages and living standards • Public sector pay and employment • Public services and departmental spending • Efficiency • Privatisation and asset sales • Telecoms • Science, research and development • Transport • Aviation • Self-employment

Leaflet/booklet: The implications of Brexit for STEM – Experiences from the frontline
info 6-Mar-2017 13:01
What will Brexit mean for UK science and engineering? Prospect is proud to represent 50,000 scientists, engineers and technical specialists across all major sectors of the economy

Briefing: Brexit briefing - updated April 2017
info 10-Apr-2017 16:43
An updated briefing on the consequences of the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union, including latest announcements and analysis up to the triggering of Article 50 on 29 March 2017, as well as an overview of economic impacts and issues for key Prospect industries and sectors.