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Topic: Pensions

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BTPS Review Update
20-Jul-2017 17:38


Blog Articles


Submission: Prospect response to BIGPS consultation - 2017
info 15-Aug-2017 14:50
Response to consultation on proposed changes to Babcock International Group Pension Scheme (August 2017).

News release: Nuclear workers campaign to save pensions
info 10-Aug-2017 14:34
Nuclear workers campaign to save pensions

National newsletter: EnergyEye July 2017
info 25-Jul-2017 14:56
National newsletter for members in energy and nuclear. Contents include: A New Deal for Nuclear – Prospect's campaign and pamphlet; pressure builds around Euratom; post-election turmoil may delay pensions shake-up; dial in to talk tax relief; reports from the energy supply industry sector biennial conference – including nuclear priorities panel debate, Brexit, energy policy and Prospect member survey; free financial check-up and personal injury scheme.

Knowledge Document: AEA Technology pensions dossier
info 14-Jul-2017 10:19
Dossier compiled by AEA Technology campaigners describing the failure of the AEAT pension scheme and how it affects the pensioners

Briefing: AEAT pension campaign: please write to your new MP, July 2017
info 6-Jul-2017 11:56
Briefing document with hints and tips for writing to new MPs about their support for the AEAT pension campaign

Letter: Response from CST on pension tax relief
info 4-Jul-2017 17:52
Letter from David Gauke MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, to letter re pension tax relief for low earners.

Circular: Standard: Redundancy cap latest - June 2017
info 21-Jun-2017 14:41
Circular from Dai Hudd to branches in NDA setting out position in relation to relaxing the cap on redundancy compensation for employees working in nuclear decommissioning.

Pensions briefing: EU agreement on state pension qualification
info 21-Jun-2017 14:39
Outline of current EU policy