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News release: Prospect wins Scottish discrimination case
info 10-Mar-2017 12:43
Prospect wins tribunal case against Scottish manufacturer

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 12 - January 2017
info 23-Jan-2017 12:36
LegalEye features recent legal cases for Prospect members, news on employment law, and information on Prospect legal services. This edition includes a review of 2016, a look ahead to the challenges of 2017, a report the on gender pay gap and a LegalFocus on judicial mediation

Submission: Prospect Submission on Reforming the Employment Tribunal System
info 16-Jan-2017 15:04
Prospect Submission on Reforming the Employment Tribunal System

Presentation: Let's talk Prospect & Workers' Rights
info 14-Oct-2016 08:46
A presentation from the legal team on employment law and the Prospect at Work campaign

Local newsletter: Viberts Lawyers - Newsletter for Prospect members in Jersey
info 9-Aug-2016 09:58
Newsletter from Prospect's lawyers in Jersey. This edition includes; settling family disputes out of court, property hunters top tips, trusts, and the forthcoming law on age discrimination.

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 9 - April 2016
info 15-Apr-2016 11:48
Legal Eye - Issue 9 - April 2016

Circular: Standard: Communications, Legal and Research Report - February 2016
info 14-Mar-2016 09:51
This circular provides an update on communications, legal and research activities during February 2016

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Prospect at Work Campaign Special - January 2016
info 7-Jan-2016 08:54
A special issue of LegalEye covering the activities of the 2016 "Prospect at Work" campaign

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