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Topic: Employment law

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National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 19 - January 2019
info 31-Jan-2019 14:40
Highlights in this edition include: a member wins her tribunal claim after speaking out about sexual harassment, a successful tribunal claim following a failure to make reasonable adjustments on recruitment, rights for freelance workers, pay for shared parental leave, damages for personal injury, and a round-up of 2018 for the legal team.

Employment law update: Detriment claims and injury to feelings
info 27-Sep-2018 10:12
The EAT has ruled that compensation for injury to feelings can be awarded where a worker has suffered a detriment for asserting their rights under the Working Time Regulations 1998 and further that compensation for injury to feelings is available for all unlawful detriments suffered under the Employment Rights Act.

National newsletter: Legal Eye, September 2018, Issue 18
info 25-Sep-2018 14:18
Legal and employment law updates from Prospect. This issue includes: a tribunal win for unfair dismissal against the Health and Safety Executive; a successful claim for industrial injuries benefit and a member who won her claim of pregnancy discrimination

Employment law update: Employer's knowledge of disability
info 24-Sep-2018 16:02
The Court of Appeal has held that an employer did not have constructive knowledge of an employee’s disability and so was not under a duty to make reasonable adjustments. This was because the employer had taken reasonable steps to ascertain the nature of the employee’s illness and could not reasonably have been expected to do more to investigate if she was disabled.

Employment law update: The date of termination of employment is not extendable in cases of genuine gross misconduct
info 15-Aug-2018 10:25
The EAT has held that where an employee is dismissed for gross misconduct and the employer has the right to summarily dismiss, the employee cannot receive the benefit of the statutory extra week to extend the qualifying period of service to two years for the purposes of claiming unfair dismissal.

Local newsletter: Flexible working newsletter
info 7-Aug-2018 14:54
This newsletter explains the law around flexible working and highlights some of Prospect’s legal successes.

Employment law update: Trade union representatives and handling confidential information
info 3-Aug-2018 08:19
The Court of Appeal has ruled that a trade union representative was protected from dismissal when he had received and used leaked, confidential information during the course of his trade union activities.

Factcard: Your legal rights at work in Northern Ireland 2019-20
info 23-Jul-2018 15:29
This factcard outlines your rights at work in Nothern Ireland as of 1 January 2019. It only covers the minimum legal requirements – in most cases your contract of employment will offer better terms, so the rights in your contract will apply.