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Topic: Employment law

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Hands off our holidays!
18 December 2017 14:59 Marion Scovell


Employment law update: 0452 - The Date of Termination of Employment is not extendable in cases of genuine Gross Misconduct
info 15-Aug-2018 10:25
The EAT has held that where an employee is dismissed for gross misconduct and the employer has the right to summarily dismiss, the employee cannot receive the benefit of the statutory extra week to extend the qualifying period of service to 2 years for the purposes of claiming unfair dismissal.

National newsletter: Flexible Working
info 7-Aug-2018 14:54
Flexible working is good for workers and good for business. Staff maintain a work life balance and employers can recruit & retain a quality workforce. This pdf explains the law around flexible working and some of Prospect’s legal successes.

Employment law update: 0451 - Trade Union Representatives and Handling Confidential Information
info 3-Aug-2018 08:19
The Court of Appeal has decided that a trade union representative was protected from dismissal when he had received and used leaked confidential information during the course of his trade union activities.

Employment law update: 0450 - Pimlico Plumbers loses workers’ rights case in landmark ruling
info 19-Jun-2018 14:14
The Supreme Court has upheld the Court of Appeal’s decision after a further appeal from Pimlico Plumbers which claimed that Gary Smith, who worked at the company for six years, was self-employed, deciding that an employment tribunal was “entitled to conclude” that Gary Smith was a worker.

Submission: Employment Status Consultation
info 1-Jun-2018 16:27
Prospect response to consultation on Employment Status

Knowledge Document: Disability discrimination - know your rights
info 31-May-2018 08:43
Four-page newsletter with key information on disability rights

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 17 - May 2018
info 31-May-2018 08:35
Description to follow

Submission: Good Work: The Taylor Review of Modern Working Practices - Consultation on measures to increase transparency in the UK labour market
info 23-May-2018 17:00
Prospect's submission on transparency