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Briefing: Pay bulletin June 2018
info 20-Jun-2018 11:11
Monthly Prospect pay bulletin with figures on inflation, earnings and settlements plus financial news from Flybe and a new IFS report on household incomes.

Briefing: Pay bulletin May 2018
info 1-Jun-2018 09:48
Prospect monthly pay bulletin for May 2018 includes latest inflation, earnings and pay settlement data plus company news from National Grid.

Briefing: Pay bulletin April 2018
info 25-Apr-2018 09:30
Pay bulletin for April 2018 with latest data on prices and earnings, as well as financial news from Telefonica and an update on gender pay gap reporting.

Briefing: Spring Statement 2018 - initial summary
info 13-Mar-2018 16:30
This “Spring Statement” was, as expected, little more than an update to the official forecasts for the economy and public finances produced by the Office for Budget Responsibility, with only minor policy announcements included. This summary briefing highlights some key elements of the official forecast and a few policy announcements relevant to Prospect sectors.

Briefing: Briefing on London allowances
info 13-Mar-2018 08:42
A briefing on the current (March 2018) state of London allowances, with data on how the real value of such allowances has declined due to rapid cost of living increases in the capital. The briefing also discusses a proposal to raise the level of London allowances to at least £6,200.

Briefing: Pay bulletin February 2018
info 23-Feb-2018 10:34
Monthly pay bulletin for February 2018. Contains inflation, pay settlements and average earnings data plus information on EDF's 2017 financial report and the new ONS wealth survey.

Briefing: Pay bulletin January 2018
info 30-Jan-2018 13:34
Monthly pay bulletin for January 2018

Briefing: Pay bulletin December 2017
info 18-Dec-2017 12:56
Monthly pay bulletin for December 2017