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News round-up: Prospect news for members in public services
info 21-Feb-2017 15:39
Prospect news for members in public services

Briefing: Prison Service Winter Newsletter 2016
info 24-Jan-2017 14:21
News for members in the Prison Service

Briefing: Senior Salaries Review Body: Prospect and FDA evidence, November 2016
info 16-Jan-2017 15:29
FDA and Prospect written evidence to Senior Salaries Review Body, 2016

Local newsletter: ONS December Hard Slog Newsletter
info 23-Dec-2016 12:55
December issue of 'Hard Slog', the ONS newsletter.

Presentation: Pay in the civil service: challenges and opportunities - Civil Service seminar November 2016
info 11-Nov-2016 09:12
Presentation prepared for Prospect Civil Service Seminar November 2016: - Pay - what's happened - Pay - what's next - Prospect's response

News release: Brexit is hardest challenge says civil service chief
info 8-Nov-2016 16:55
Brexit is hardest challenge says civil service chief

National newsletter: PublicEye, civil service compensation scheme special edition
info 5-Oct-2016 09:58
A special edition of PublicEye, for members in public service, covers proposed changes to the civil service compensation scheme

Briefing: Brexit briefing - September 2016
info 26-Sep-2016 16:22
• Brexit – what is happening • Economic impact • Issues for key industries and sectors • Issues for EU nationals in the UK, and UK nationals abroad • Employment rights • What Prospect is doing

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