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NASA spacewalk stumble
28 March 2019 11:08 Sue Ferns


Members' guide: Tackling the gender pension gap
info 3-Sep-2019 14:56
The information in this members' guide is tailored around life events (which different people will experience in different ways or not at all and in different sequences). It also aims to demystify pensions and explain key decisions and actions at important life stages.

Knowledge Document: Tackling the gender pension gap 2019
info 2-Aug-2019 10:25
Prospect's 2019 report on the gender pension gap

Employment law update: Shared parental leave, case update
info 10-Jun-2019 12:34
The Court of Appeal has ruled that paying male employees taking Shared Parental Leave less than female colleagues taking maternity leave does not amount to direct or indirect discrimination. Although the decision is disappointing, negotiators should still press for employers to equalise SPL terms.

Equality briefing: Disability passports
info 2-May-2019 14:52
Briefing on the advantages of disability passports, together with links to recent TUC guidance.

Letter: Letter to EHRC re gender pension gap
info 29-Apr-2019 11:47
Letter from Sue Ferns to Chief Exec of EHRC requesting an assessment of whether the Secretary of State has met her statutory public sector equality duty re gender pension gap.

National newsletter: LegalEye, issue 20, April 2019
info 25-Apr-2019 12:00
Highlights include: member wins sexual discrimination case again ONS; success in the seven-year legal battle for civil servants who were subjected to race or age discrimination at the Home Office; a successful case for members in the Fire and Rescue Service Association in Jersey’s Royal Court, equal pay improvements for members at the ENO

Submission: Pregnancy and maternity discrimination
info 4-Apr-2019 17:17
Prospect response to business department consultation on extending redundancy protection for women and new parents

Leaflet/booklet: How woman-friendly is your organisation?
info 26-Feb-2019 11:27
Checklist designed to generate thought and discussion around women-friendly workplaces. Produced to coincide with International Women's Day 2019