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#BackClimateAction tweetathon
17-Nov-2014 14:52

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Circular: Standard: New bargaining guide: carbon management plans
info 18-Mar-2016 16:53
Circular drawing attention to the new bargaining guide and presentation on workplace carbon management plans.

Circular: Standard: Environment update on briefings, articles and resources
info 30-Nov-2015 17:55
An update summarising articles, briefings and resources for representatives and members of the international and environment networks. This includes the Sustainable Development Goals, climate change talks and national HUBS in Scotland and Wales.

Knowledge Document: Sustainability at work: Scotland workshop
info 3-Nov-2015 13:56
Notes on outcomes of workshop discussion exploring the proposal to establish a regional 'hub' for members interested and active on environment and social issues related to the workplace.

Knowledge Document: Environment Rep agreement
info 18-Jun-2015 12:56
Suggested text for a workplace agreement outlines the role description with flexibility for formal and informal arrangements.

Attachment: Oxfam report on Nepal
info 27-May-2015 10:23
One month on from the Nepal earthquake - thank you to Prospect members for generous giving.

News release: Prospect protests over visa refusals
info 29-May-2012 15:19
Prospect in protest to Theresa May over visa refusals for Kenyan guests

Profile: Profile, February 2012
info 14-Feb-2012 16:09
Unions hammer out key details of new civil service pension scheme (p7); confusion over MOD redundancies turns to anger (p8); new renewables pricing structure will disadvantage hybrid co-firing options, Prospect warns (p11); why language training by gov't departments is very much an open and shut case (p14); union reps are worth every penny, says independent report on facility time (p15); free, fun, informative – Prospect’s 2012 courses for aspiring reps (p18); how Prospect members have supported Oxfam (p20)

Profile: Profile, June 2011
info 14-Jun-2011 15:37
Contents include: nuclear future: no room for complacency (p4); craziest policy ever – a carbon tax on low-carbon research (p9); Prospect’s three-year international development project (p10); UK economy at the crossroads (p16); what Prospect is doing to balance the odds for workers with disabilities (p19); investment decisions in energy (p21)