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Employment law update: 0441 - Increase in compensation for injury to feelings
info 3-Nov-2017 09:46
The level of compensation for injury to feelings in Equality Act claims has been increased.

National newsletter: Legal Eye - Issue 15 - October 2017
info 12-Oct-2017 09:22
LegalEye features recent legal cases for Prospect members, news on employment law and information on Prospect legal services. This edition includes news of; equal pay at the met office, a tribunal claim of disability discrimination, success at judicial mediation, and a look ahead to UnionWeek 2017.

National newsletter: Personal Injury Scheme: Why you are better off with Prospect
info 11-Oct-2017 10:55
Personal Injury Scheme: Why you are better of with Prospect is a one off special in the style of Legal Eye featuring a range of success stories from the Prospect legal scheme

Employment law update: 0440 - Industrial action ballots and the expected period of action
info 26-Sep-2017 09:43
The High Court has refused an injunction application against BALPA and accepted that the union’s ballot complied with the new provisions introduced by the Trade Union Act 2016.

Employment law update: 0439 - Whistleblowing - the meaning of "Public Interest"
info 15-Sep-2017 09:53
This update looks at the meaning of public interest as defined by the Court of Appeal in the case of Chesterton, August 2017.

Employment law update: 0438 - Employer’s right to monitor emails
info 13-Sep-2017 13:08
A European court says an employee should not have been dismissed for sending private messages while at work. This update replaces Employment Law Update No. 0411.

Employment law update: 0436 - Calculation of Holiday pay – includes regular voluntary overtime
info 3-Aug-2017 13:27
The case law on holiday pay is continuing to grow, with the Employment Appeal Tribunal confirming that regular voluntary overtime payments should be included in the calculation of holiday pay. The basic principle is that when workers are on holiday they should be paid their full normal remuneration. This update replaces numbers 425 and 386, which identified the key cases since 2014 and gave a summary of issues to consider when bringing claims.

Employment law briefing: 058 - Recording Disciplinary and Grievance Meetings
info 2-Aug-2017 08:06
This briefing looks at recording disciplinary and grievance meetings, including: the right to be accompanied; best practice for employers and recommendations for reps.