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Agreement: Fair Work Agreement with Scottish Government
info 13-Nov-2018 09:33
Fair Work Agreement covering Scottish Government main bargaining area

Submission: Brexit and the UK border: progress review inquiry
info 7-Nov-2018 14:25
Submission by Prospect to the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee Brexit and the UK border: progress review inquiry

Letter: Settled status open letter
info 6-Nov-2018 11:36
Letter from Prospect and MPs on settled status charge

Knowledge Document: Issues for aviation in a 'no deal' Brexit
info 9-Oct-2018 09:59
Briefing from Prospect on the challenges to the aviation industry caused by a potential exit from the EU without a deal

Letter: Letter to Treasury Committee re ministerial statement on public sector pension valuations
info 12-Sep-2018 10:23
Letter from DGS to Chair of Treasury Committee requesting the committee question Treasury ministers and officials about the potential impact of changes to the discount rate used in public sector pension valuations on public spending.

Circular: Agenda: Agenda for the 12th Meeting of the Scotland Committee
info 10-Sep-2018 13:19
The agenda for the meeting.

Circular: Standard: PCS, FDA and Prospect - Joint statement
info 17-Jul-2018 15:40
A joint statement from The General Secretaries of PCS, FDA and Prospect

Briefing: Spring Statement 2018 - initial summary
info 13-Mar-2018 16:30
This “Spring Statement” was, as expected, little more than an update to the official forecasts for the economy and public finances produced by the Office for Budget Responsibility, with only minor policy announcements included. This summary briefing highlights some key elements of the official forecast and a few policy announcements relevant to Prospect sectors.