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Profile: Profile, August 2011
info 11-Aug-2011 11:54
Contents include: political fund (p4); uproar over pension contributions (p5); Prospect’s new science body (p9); homeworking survey (p15); new health and safety cuts are bad news for Britain’s workers (p16); discrimination at work (p19); one man’s struggle against stammering (p22)

Submission: Prospect submission to HoC DC - The SDSR and the NSS
info 14-Feb-2011 13:14
Prospect's submission to the House of Commons Defence Committee inquiry into the SDSR and NSS.

Knowledge Document: Public Bodies Bill, briefing
info 27-Jan-2011 16:04
Document outlining why Prospect is opposed to the Public Bodies Bill

Knowledge Document: Lib Dems, second reading
info 16-Sep-2010 10:25
How Liberal Democrat MPs voted on the second reading of the Superannuation Bill

Knowledge Document: Civil service compensation scheme early day motions
info 15-Sep-2010 14:43
Liberal Democrat MPs who signed compensation scheme early day motions.

Profile: Profile, August 2010
info 10-Aug-2010 13:00
Contents include: Employers announce first jobs to go because of coalition’s cutbacks (p5); New business secretary pledges to spare union learning from spending cuts (p7); Prospect has the evidence on specialist pay – but will government listen? (p12); Don’t blame HSE for litigation culture, Prospect tells Young review (p14); Public service pensions are affordable and sustainable, says Prospect evidence to Hutton review (p16); Why public sector cuts are bad news for jobs in the private sector (p19); How the civil service could teach employment tribunals a thing or two (p23)

Knowledge Document: Coalition cuts announced so far
info 22-Jul-2010 18:31
A brief outline of departmental cuts announced during June and July 2010

Profile: Profile, July 2010
info 5-Jul-2010 17:30
Contents include: budget implications: coalition cuts threaten the job, pay and pension of all members (p3-5); air traffic sale raises new safety fears; new presidential team (p8); national conference reports; Prospect 2009 accounts (p26)