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Pension equality?
05 June 2019 09:20 Neil Walsh


Members' guide: Tackling the gender pension gap
info 3-Sep-2019 14:56
The information in this members' guide is tailored around life events (which different people will experience in different ways or not at all and in different sequences). It also aims to demystify pensions and explain key decisions and actions at important life stages.

Knowledge Document: Tackling the gender pension gap 2019
info 2-Aug-2019 10:25
Prospect's 2019 report on the gender pension gap

Members' guide: Defined contribution pension schemes
info 30-May-2019 15:34
This guide aims to help Prospect members in defined contribution pension schemes understand the main issues facing them in planning for retirement and simple steps they can take that could have a positive impact on their income in retirement.

Submission: Isle of Man - Joint TU response to cost sharing consultation
info 14-May-2019 18:47
Joint trade union response to consultation on aspects of cost sharing in Isle of Man public sector pension schemes.

Letter: Letter to EHRC re gender pension gap
info 29-Apr-2019 11:47
Letter from Sue Ferns to Chief Exec of EHRC requesting an assessment of whether the Secretary of State has met her statutory public sector equality duty re gender pension gap.

Letter: Joint TU letter to MHKs and MLCs re Legacy Funding Gap - March 2019
info 1-Apr-2019 13:33
Joint trade union letter ahead of March 2019 Tynwald debate on legacy funding gap report and potential amendments to CoMin motion.

Submission: Prospect response to the 2019 consultation on the Babcock International Group Pension Scheme
info 1-Apr-2019 11:09
Prospect response to the 2019 consultation on the Babcock International Group Pension Scheme

Circular: Standard: BIGPS Member Comms - Update March 2019
info 1-Apr-2019 09:41
Member update on 2019 Babcock International Group Pension Scheme Consultation.