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Schools without a home
25 September 2018 08:12 Warwick Mansell


National newsletter: EducationEye, Spring 2016
info 12-Apr-2016 11:51
Prospect’s magazine for members in education and children’s services. Spring 2016 issue. Contents include: Children will pay price of forced academies policy; Counting the cost of 'free' childcare; New schools free-for-all – government agency land purchases; Bringing the boardroom to the classroom – a Prince's Trust project; School funding plans endanger democracy; Prospect workers' rights and EU campaigns, plus more

Knowledge Document: Statement by Aspect Group of Prospect on the proposed introduction of standardised assessments in Scottish schools
info 9-Sep-2015 17:20
The Aspect group of Prospect is urging the Scottish government not to use national testing to rank the performance of primary schools. Tommy Doherty and Paul Watson outline the case against it.

National newsletter: Aspect Group Northern Ireland Members' Bulletin
info 26-Mar-2015 15:22
Education Authority established on April 1 2015 As the new education authority comes into existence, there have been several meetings with DE officials and management from the Education Authority Implementation Team to ensure the terms and conditions and rights of Aspect members are protected when they transfer into the new organisation. Over the next few weeks further meetings are planned to iron out any issues or difficulties that may arise. The main elements of the transfer are outlined below:-

National newsletter: EducationEye Spring 2015
info 26-Mar-2015 11:28
First issue of the redesigned magazine for members in Prospect's Aspect group. Contents include: Time to engage – Prospect's vision for education in the run-up to the general election; pay update; Going full circle – the work of school governors; Ministers urged to rethink baseline testing; Light at the end of the tunnel – developments in teacher training; plus more

Knowledge Document: Core principles for educational development and improvement professionals
info 17-Mar-2015 12:29
This paper updates and explains six core principles that underpin the Aspect group of Prospect's professional standards for educational development and improvement professionals.

National newsletter: Improvement magazine
info 15-Dec-2014 14:08
The Autumn/Winter edition of Improvement, for members in education services. Contents include: News round-up, Life after Gove, Breaches of faith (the Trojan Horse controversy), Ofsted: what does the future hold?, Breaking the silence on mental health issues at work, Digital childhoods, Scottish Learning Festival, Save Childhood Movement, Good work, Reviews and Briefings plus more

National newsletter: Improvement Magazine, Autumn 2011
info 1-Sep-2011 14:06
pensions changes/a stronger specialist voice/school wars/working from home

National newsletter: Improvement Magazine, Summer 2011
info 1-Jun-2011 14:02
mapping the new eyfs landscape/reimagining government/recognising childrens mental powers/unions in schools