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Prospect's website

Our website is a key resource for reps and members, and a source of information about the union for potential members and the wider public.

Quick guides

Website guide: checking and updating your details   info
A quick guide, with screenshots, on how members can check and update their details on the Prospect website.

Website guide: logging into our website for the first time   info
A short guide, with screenshots, showing how to use the first-time login process on the Prospect website. Branches might find this useful when encouraging their members to register on the website.

Logging into the site

New users need to go through the first-time login before they can access the full range of members' content.

First-time login is a once-only process. Your surname, membership number and home postcode are checked against our membership database, then you create a personal password. You can download a quick guide to the first-time login process, and read more about the password security on our site.

On future visits to the site use the regular member login, entering either your membership number or email address, plus your password.

If you forget your password, there is an automated re-set system built into the login process.