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This is the magazine for Prospect's 14,000 members working in the energy industry.

EnergyEye July 2017   info
National newsletter for members in energy and nuclear. Contents include: A New Deal for Nuclear – Prospect's campaign and pamphlet; pressure builds around Euratom; post-election turmoil may delay pensions shake-up; dial in to talk tax relief; reports from the energy supply industry sector biennial conference – including nuclear priorities panel debate, Brexit, energy policy and Prospect member survey; free financial check-up and personal injury scheme.
 25 July 2017 

EnergyEye April 2017   info
EnergyEye, Prospect's newsletter for members in the energy sector.
 10 April 2017 

EnergyEye December 2016   info
The contents includes: The Autumn Statement sheds little light on the way forward (p 1): The energy market is still failing to attract investment (p 2): New apprentice recruitment strategy (p 3): What could smart grids mean for jobs? (p 4): Innovative trials prepare for the future; Capacity market consultation (p 5): Occupational health achievements a fitting end to the 2016 Powering Improvement project (p 6): UKPN offers storm cover payments (7): News round-up (p 8).
 30 November 2016 

EnergyEye, issue 2, August 2016   info
EnergyEye, Prospect's newsletter for members in the energy sector. Includes feature on Powering Improvement
 15 August 2016 

EnergyEye April 2016   info
The contents includes: Demonising the Big Six does not meet the sector’s needs (p 1) Nuclear estate pensions could be next in the government’s crosshairs (p 2) Westminster pensions ‘drop-in’ a success. DECC capacity market overhaul under fire (p 3) The case for small modular reactors (p 4-5) Annual PI focus is on occupational health. New regulations on electromagnetic fields (p 6) Grid faces questions over dual role (p 7) Pay deals over the last 12 months. News In Brief (p 8)
 30 March 2016 

EnergyEye November 2015   info
The contents includes: Prospect launches check-off challenge in the nuclear estate. Dounreay nerve centre to be re-built (p 1) Tory conference told there is no silver bullet for energy. In defence of union rights (p 2) Ofgem to spark more onshore competition. Reforms spell end of defined benefit pensions. (p 3) New plant to create thousands of jobs. The Hinkley Point C story. (p 4-5) When the cap doesn’t fit. In defence of nuclear pensions. (p 6) UK network needs smart answers (p 7) Sellafield director hails waste breakthrough (p 8) If you have any queries relating to the content of the
 04 November 2015 

EnergyEye, August 2015   info
The contents includes: ESI sector conference motions covering network investment; sucession planning for branches; and pay benchmarking. Prospect Extra (p 1) CMA report busts myths. Guarantees sought over waste funding (p 2) Strike thresholds will affect energy workers. Prospect tells Ofgem stop interfering (p 3) Garry Graham opens conference. Revolving door recruitment. Job evaluation ignores key skills (pages 4-5) Investment in new capacity critical. Longannet key to Scotland’s energy security. Single industry body to be explored. Backing for coal-fired plant (page 6) Concerns over rising stress. Mr Frostbite. Retraining plan backed (page 7) Turbulent times ahead, warns health and safety officer. What happens when warnings are ignored (page 8)
 04 August 2015 

EnergyEye May 2015   info
The contents include: After the vote – what now? (page 1) Dredging up a good idea / Shale – what potential in the UK? (page 2) Landmark holiday pay deal at Western Power / Grid members slate performance pilot (page 3) Electrifying design: National Grid member David Clutterbuck describes the process behind the UK’s new pylon design (pages 4-5) End Hinkley delays, politicians urged / Prospect, the union for life (page 6) Powering Improvement: kickstarting action on the ground (page 7) Prospect national secretary Anne Douglas retires / Prospect Extra (page 8).
 11 May 2015 

EnergyEye Feb 2015   info
The contents include: Headline-grabbing politics dodge long-term solution (page 1) Continuity vital at Sellafield / E.ON splits its UK business (page 2) Long-term tax rules threaten economy / New construction supervisors’ branch (page 3) A deep divide; could fracking play a part in a balanced energy policy? (pages 4-5) State aid and coal: death of an industry? (page 6) DECC unveils new auction results / PI focus on contractors (page 7) New device makes savings / News in brief (page 8).
 06 February 2015 

EnergyEye Nov 2014   info
For Prospect members in energy and decommissioning. Contents include: • Pull the plug on Punch and Judy politics; BACM says yes (page 1) EU decision on Hinkley welcome (page 2) The future of regulation; Eggborough’s new owners (pages 3) Powering improvement – delivering on safety (pages 4) Barriers for women in STEM; Sellafield’s new site (page 5) Prospect skills seminar (page 6-7) Tech champion welcomed; health and safety training (page 8).
 21 November 2014 

EnergyEye Sept 2014   info
The contents include: Is Ofgem’s latest price control review a step too far? (page 1-2) Call for delegates to Prospect’s skills seminar (page 2) New plan for a GDF; Nugen deal is welcome (pages 3) The benefits of EngTech registration (pages 4-5) Women in nuclear (page 6) UK CCS project wins European funding; next steps for Sellafield campaign (page 7) T-TIP - Economic game changer or democratic deficit (page 8).
 15 September 2014 

EnergyEye, May 2014   info
For Prospect members in energy and decommissioning. Contents include: • Calls for an informed debate on the UK’s energy policy; Prospect member wins nuclear apprentice of the year (page 1) 
• Magnox contract winner welcomed; Chris Finnerty obit; Springfields Fuels loses contract (page 2) 
• CPS changes begin; How will Scottish independence impact on energy issues? (page 3) 
• Report on Powering Improvement; New WorkTime YourTime posters (page 4)
• European works councils; Prospect signs agreement with skills academy; Pay round-up (page 5)
• Feature on smart grids (page 6-7) • Nuvia rep runs wellbeing clinics (page 8)

 30 April 2014 

EnergyEye March 2014   info
The contents includes: • Celebrations as an attack on protected persons’ pension rights is halted (page 1) 
• Sellafield members issue invite to PAC select committee chair; MPs lacked balance in storm investigation debate (page 2) 
• Delay fears follow EU inquiry in Hinkley Point C; Magnox competition draws to a close; The Prospect Pledge campaign (page 3) 
• Feature on Eggborough and the future of coal (page 4)
• Sellafield Workers’ Campaign update: News in brief (page 5)
• Europe’s role in UK energy; New research into the nuclear waste legagy (page 6) • Member recruit Member form (page 7-8)

 28 February 2014 

EnergyEye, Dec 2013   info
Content includes: Union voice in energy debate; ESIS subs cap to reduce; News round-up; Evolve or die may not be the official motto of the UK power industry – but it should be; Element 94 – the search for an industrial solution; DNO standby overview
 10 December 2013 

EnergyEye, Sept 2013   info
The contents include: General secretary Mike Clancy visits members in Dounreay to explore the long-term employment options for the area after decommissioning; Energy minister voices support for new nuclear (page 1) National grid pensions come under fire after OFGEM review; Union lobbying over ‘protected persons’ pension regulations (page 2) Sellafield Workers’ Campaign to explore options for plutonium (page 3) Will we capture the benefits of CCS? Philip Pearson from the TUC asks the question (page 4) A new apprenticeship will provides a route into power engineering for A-level entrants (page 6) Changing faces in Liverpool; select committee backing local energy projects; tap changer tragedy video (page 7) Sellafield graduates celebrate; Energy sector pay deals (page 8)
 05 September 2013 

EnergyEye, June 2013   info
The contents include: • A loophole in the Feed-In-Tariff system is subject to abuse (page 1) 
• Energy Bill update; Hinkley C job cuts; (page 2) 
• Prospect’s Powering Improvement survey; News in brief (page 3) 
• ESI sector conference report – the industry view (page 4)
• ESI sector conference report – unity needed to defend pensions (page 5)
• ESI sector conference report – Action needed to boost skills (page 6) • ESI sector conference report – zero tolerance to unsafe working (page 7)
• European Works Council (page 8)

 26 June 2013 

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