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This is Prospect's magazine for our 16,000+ members working in the communications, media and digital industry.

DigitalEye November 2016   info
This edition of DigitalEye features an interview with Gerry Morrissey, the current general secretary of Bectu, on the amalgamation of Prospect and Bectu, Roger Darlington's column looks at the the darker side of the Internet and Mary Hurley, full-time organiser, looks back on her career in the union movement.
 16 November 2016 

DigitalEye, July 2016   info
This issue of Digital Eye features reports from the BT conference, the reaction to the EU referendum result, news from Tesco Mobile and columnist Roger Darlington argues that we're heading for a New Renaissance.
 26 July 2016 

DigitalEye, March 2016   info
This issue of Digital Eye features reports from a Prospect trip to Brussels ahead of the EU referendum, structural changes at Ericsson and regular columns from Roger Darlington and Calvin Allen.
 15 March 2016 

DigitalEye, November 2015   info
This issue of Digital Eye includes Prospect's response to Ofcom's strategic review of digital communications; why a former BT employee stayed in the union after taking redundancy; Columnist Roger Darlington on how the Internet changes traditional industries and how Prospect is protecting members going through the assessment centre process.
 11 November 2015 

DigitalEye, Issue 2, July 2015   info
This edition of DigitalEye features full coverage from the BT and CMD sector conferences, including Gerry Morrissey, Bectu general secretary on the potential merger with Prospect and a session on the future of the telecoms industry.
 17 July 2015 

DigitalEye, Issue 1, March 2015   info
Newsletter for Prospect members in communications, media and digital
 02 March 2015 

DigitalEye, Issue 4, December 2014   info
Contents include a profile of Ofcom rep Andy Hayes, a look behind-the-scenes of the sector Helpdesk and a column from Roger Darlington on the secret world of passwords.
 12 December 2014 

DigitalEye, Issue 3, October 2014   info
Contents include the latest on performance management; Ofcom's 2014 Communications Market report; Life inside BT call centres; Roger Darlington's column on the online skills gap.
 22 October 2014 

DigitalEye, Issue 2, July 2014   info
Contents include: Telefónica chief talks strategy; BT bonuses; Prospect's submission to the UK Digital Skills Taskforce; reports from the BT conference; Roger Darlington's column on big data.
 08 July 2014 

DigitalEye, issue 1, March 2014   info
Newsletter for Prospect members in communications, media and digital
 18 March 2014 

DigitalEye – Issue 4, December 2013   info
Contents include: Your union for life; Prospect career event; £10m small step; Broadband Impact study; Big data specialist shortage; Lobbying Bill; BT news round-up including pay, performance and wellbeing; Broadband – the bigger picture; Pioneers calendar; Eliminating violence against women, Colombia; Ofcom's role in policing internet; Capita recognition deal; Changes at Telefónica
 10 December 2013 

DigitalEye – Issue 2, July 2013   info
Contents include: reports from CMD and Connect conferences, including new name reflects industry, new sector president, battle to save Telefonica jobs, time to stop performance management monster, first-time delegate interviews, universal broadband, Geoff Potter obituary
 04 October 2013 

DigitalEye – Issue 1, March 2013   info
Publication for Prospect members in information technology and telecoms. Includes: 4G auction outcome (p1); Hudd to help steer sector in tough times (p1); Prospect political fund ballot 2013 (p2); news (p3); all change on the telecoms front (p4-5); european works councils (p6); Roger Darlington on broadband (p7); migrant workers (p8)
 22 February 2013