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Members' guides

Members' guides

These are short guides covering a range of issues that affect individual members.

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01 Lone Working   info
Advice for anyone who travels alone, carries out fieldwork or works at outside premises

03 Harassment and bullying   info
What is harassment, and how to deal with it

04 Individual contracts of employment   info
Your legal rights if you're employed on an individual contract; how to negotiate your own contract; and the pitfalls to avoid

05 whistleblowing   info
Whistleblowers play an essential role in exposing corruption, fraud and malpractice and in preventing disasters resulting from negligence or wrongdoing. Prospect representatives can assist members in deciding how and when to blow the whistle and offer valuable advice and support.

06 e-mail and the internet at work   info
The spread of email and the internet at work has raised new issues for trade union members and representatives. Prospect has seen a growing number of disciplinary cases connected to the use of computer facilities. Members need to be aware that inappropriate use of these facilities can result in disciplinary action and dismissal.

07 One-to-one interviews   info
Members' guide to one-to-one interviews. Essential pointers for job evaluation interviews or personal reviews

08 Stress   info
Members' Guide to stress. Prospect’s Stress, Stigma, Solutions campaign is based on the premise that stress and stigma can be overcome and that there are solutions.

09 Fixed term contracts   info
This guide summarises the legal rights to equal treatment for fixed-term contract employees and the limitations on extending the fixed-term beyond four years. It also describes the other general rights for workers on fixed-term contracts.

11 Employment tribunals   info
This guide explains the process of progressing a claim through an Employment Tribunal (ET). Updated July 2009

12 Parental and family leave   info
This booklet - updated in October 2015 - explains everyone's rights under the Maternity and Parental Leave regulations and the Paternity and Adoptive Leave regulations.

13 Maternity rights   info
Your rights to maternity leave and pay updated in September 2009

15 TUPE regulations   info
On 31 January 2014, new regulations on the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) – known as TUPE – came into effect. These regulations updated the TUPE 2006 regulations which were designed to safeguard employees’ rights when a business or organisation transfers to a new employer.

16 Part-time and flexible working   info
How flexible and reduced patterns of work can help you balance your working life with your personal life

17 Equality at work   info
An overview of the legal rights that relate to equal opportunities at work as at November 2012.

18 Appealing against performance appraisal   info
Prospect members' guide: appealing against performance appraisal. This guide outlines the steps likely to be involved in an appeals process

20 Homeworking   info
Homeworking is a flexible arrangement by which workers use their home as their main or subsidiary place of work for an employer, either as an office or as a base from which visits are made. Updated October 2011

24 Redundancy   info
This members’ guide addresses a number of employment law issues that arise in the context of redundancy, from identifying what a redundancy is through to discriminatory treatment and unfair dismissals. The guide also looks briefly at negotiating a redundancy policy.

26 Safe driving and work-related road risk   info
This aims to safeguard you as a road user, protect you as a duty-holder ,and enable Prospect reps to measure and promote their employer’s compliance.

27 atypical workers   info
A guide for members working on atypical contracts, including freelancers, consultants or members working on variable or ‘zero hours’ contracts. This guide gives information on the legal tests used to determine the level of employment rights and also considers key issues for atypical workers in respect of their rights to a safe working environment, ensuring equality and developing careers.

28 Auto-enrolment (pensions)   info
This guide explains the basics of auto-enrolment in pension schemes: how it is expected to operate, and what decisions members being auto-enrolled may need to make

29 Stress management competencies   info
Members' Guide introducing HSE's management competency framework to help line manager members manage stress and familiarise themselves with the necessary skills and training.

Carbon Management Plans and your work footprint   info
This guide aims to equip Prospect members to participate in carbon management plans introduced in their organisations. The guide looks at the impact on working practices and the bargaining considerations in relation to carbon reduction plans

Energy efficiency - beyond light bulbs   info
This guide covers energy efficiency and the link between carbon emissions, carbon reduction plans and corporate energy saving plans. It includes a policy checklist and trends shaping the future low-carbon digital workplace.

MoD Members' Guide to Business Travel Policy   info
MoD Members' Guide to Business Travel Policy

Targeting climate change   info
TUC education workbook for trade union members interested in climate change, environmental and social sustainability

Ultra low to zero carbon travel & transport   info
This guide covers low and zero-carbon travel and transport plans including hybrid and electric vehicles. It includes a policy checklist, broad and specific bargaining positions, devolved government plans, running costs and links to tax guidance.

Valuing my performance - Handbook for Civil Service members   info
Performance management handbook for Civil Service sector members to help promote fair recognition and appraisal and challenge unfair awards. May be used in CS Sector recruitment.