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Update for Members on Performance Management and Assessment Centres in BI/PPM

This article provides updates on Performance management, BT assessment centre programmes for BI and PPM communities, BI Community, Existing double fail population and Maternity and adoption leave – new approach for sales bonus.

BT rolls out TSO Tech Pathways

TSO is now starting to roll out its Tech Pathways programme. This is designed to build on the BT Academy’s career pathways and maps out a career pathway for each technical profession by identifying the skills, accountabilities and experience required for each role. 

BT new workplace adjustments and adjusted job search processes

  • 12 September 2016
BT and Prospect have been discussing revised processes to replace what was known as the MMC (managing changing capabilities process parts A and B). This then became Enabling workplace adjustments and Redeployment (EWA/EWR). We did not like the confusion with redeployment so the latter has now become the Adjusted job search process.

Prospect and BECTU unions hail merger vote

BECTU, the media and entertainment union, is to merge with Prospect next year after its membership voted decisively in favour of joining forces with the professionals’ union.  The two month-long ballot saw 83% of BECTU members who took part vote “yes” to the merger plan.   
member stood in front of a camera with BECTU and Prospect Logos

Prospect wins unfair dismissal case for BT member

Prospect member, Paul Pigott, has won his employment tribunal case for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination.
prospect staff with pigott

BT Pay Review 2016
20 April 2016

17 February 2016