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Prospect welcomes Sir Brendan Barber's appointment to Openreach board

Prospect has expressed delight that Openreach has appointed Sir Brendan Barber to its newly-formed board  
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Government must heed warnings on Emergency Services Network

The government must take stock of the Public Accounts Committee’s report on the Emergency Services Network, Prospect union said today (Wednesday).
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BT Equal Pay Review 2017

Update for members in BT on the equal pay review for 2017 

Prospect and BECTU unions to merge on 1 January

BECTU, the media and entertainment union, will merge with Prospect next year after its membership voted decisively in favour of joining forces with the professionals’ union. The two month-long ballot, which concluded at the end of August, saw 83% of BECTU members who took part vote “yes” to the merger plan.
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Ofcom Digital Communications Review: Ofcom’s interim statement – discussions to continue

Ofcom has issued a further interim statement today about this review. They have announced that they are pressing ahead with their proposals for the ‘separate legal incorporation’ of Openreach.

BT Pay Review 2016
20 April 2016