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Our IT & Telecoms industry members now receive Stage, Screen & Radio, which is our BECTU sector magazine. From January 2017 this incorporates content that would previously have appeared in our DigitalEye newsletter.

Stage, Screen & Radio magazine

Now incorporates the Digital Eye content

Stage, Screen and Radio, Spring 2017   info
The Spring 2017 issue of our BECTU sector magazine. Contents include: Openreach deal - what happens next? Diversity - BECTU and Writers’ Guild boycott Diamond initiative; BBC pay claim - unions demand increase above RPI; Roger Darlington - in whose interests does Ofcom regulate?
 20 April 2017 

DigitalEye November 2016   info
This edition of DigitalEye features an interview with Gerry Morrissey, the current general secretary of Bectu, on the amalgamation of Prospect and Bectu, Roger Darlington's column looks at the the darker side of the Internet and Mary Hurley, full-time organiser, looks back on her career in the union movement.
 16 November 2016 

DigitalEye, July 2016   info
This issue of Digital Eye features reports from the BT conference, the reaction to the EU referendum result, news from Tesco Mobile and columnist Roger Darlington argues that we're heading for a New Renaissance.
 26 July 2016 

DigitalEye, March 2016   info
This issue of Digital Eye features reports from a Prospect trip to Brussels ahead of the EU referendum, structural changes at Ericsson and regular columns from Roger Darlington and Calvin Allen.
 15 March 2016 

DigitalEye, November 2015   info
This issue of Digital Eye includes Prospect's response to Ofcom's strategic review of digital communications; why a former BT employee stayed in the union after taking redundancy; Columnist Roger Darlington on how the Internet changes traditional industries and how Prospect is protecting members going through the assessment centre process.
 11 November 2015