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The schemes' rules

Scheme rules

The BTPS is governed by a Trust Deed and a set of formal Rules establishing the nature of the benefits of the scheme. These are lengthy legal documents setting out what is essentially the constitution of the scheme.

The BTRSS is not a trust-based arrangement, so is not governed by a Trust Deed. However, the structure and set up of the scheme is contained in the member booklet, which can be found online at the BT Retirement Saving Scheme website, while the running of the scheme is overseen by its Governance Committee, which includes significant trade union representation.

Any changes to the BTPS can only be put into practice following changes to the legal documentation covering the scheme, and the Trustees would need to agree to those changes. It is not therefore possible for the employer unilaterally to change the scheme rules and benefits. By convention, the Trustees will not agree changes that have not been agreed between BT and the unions.

The agreement on the pensions review reached between BT and the unions does not envisage further changes being made to the scheme rules within the lifetime of the agreement other than in particular, exceptional circumstances.