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BT Retirement Saving Scheme

BT Retirement Saving Scheme (BTRSS)

The BTRSS is a new pension scheme set up on 1 April 2009 to take replace both the BTRP and the SLFPP.

In terms of its contribution structure, it is a better scheme than both, delivering higher employer contributions.

All new starters with BT are enrolled in this plan and BT stopped paying employer contributions into the BTRP and the SLFPP as from 1 April 2009, later giving the opportunity to existing BTRP and SLFPP members to roll their pension benefits accrued under these schemes into it.

The BTRSS is what is known as a group pension plan, provided to BT employees by Standard Life.

Members of the BTRSS pay a level of contributions of their own choosing with a minimum default contribution of 5%, which will also trigger employer contributions.

Since 1 April 2010:

  • members paying 5% receive an employer contribution of 8%
  • those paying 6% receive an employer contribution of 8.5%; and
  • member contributions of 7% and above all see an employer contribution of 9%.
  • (NB those ex-BTRP and ex-SLFPP members entitled to higher employer contributions continue to benefit from these levels provided that they maintain their own level of contribution. Ex-BTRP and ex-SLFPP members can also keep a contribution level of 4%, triggering an employer contribution of 6%.)

The scheme provides a return of the value of the Fund as a lump sum for members who die in service (as well as stand-alone death-in-service benefits).