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Service job family review

Service job family review

Service job family - role remappings

A new pay structure for the Service job family was introduced in 2012. This saw significant improvements to the pay ranges of first line manager roles which were very welcome. For the June 2012 pay review everyone within the Service job family was lifted and shifted into the equivalent role in the new structure. We agreed a Service job sizing grid - see right - which has been used to review mappings within the Service job family. The remappings took place at the end of 2012.

We managed to secure additional protections for those individuals adversely affected as part of this exercise:


We have agreed with BT that:

  • Anyone remapping to a lower OTB% will receive a bonus transfer allowance equal to 50% of the lost bonus potential paid over one year in line with existing sales and bonus transfer allowance arrangements. The new lower OTB% won’t apply until 2013/14 and the 2012/13 bonus will be based on the current OTB%.
  • Anyone remapping to a role with a lower benefit band will have their existing benefits grandfathered
  • Anyone remapping to a role with a lower salary range will:
    • have their existing range grandfathered for up to two pay reviews which means that the current pay range for the current role will be used in the 2013 and 2014 pay reviews unless the pay range for the new role is higher
    • have their current pay range used in the January 2013 Equal pay review

In addition, where employees are adversely affected by the remappings, they can ask to have priority access to Job News to help them find roles at their current level. This means that they would have access to Job News before it is published so they would have priority over upcoming vacancies, but not before those who are already surplus and in the transition centre.

Equal pay review January 2013

If anyone is below or low in range for their new role they will be included in the January 2013 Equal Pay review if they meet the eligibility criteria (based on DPR and position in range)

  • Based on current pay range if moving to role with lower range
  • Based on new pay range if moving to role with higher range


There is an appeal process. Individuals wishing to register an appeal against their role mapping should contract to request an appeals pack. The relevant appeals documentation must be completed and sent to your line manager by 25th January 2013. Line managers must submit the appeals no later than 29th January 2013. There is an appeals panel and they will be aiming to resolve all appeals by 28th February 2013.

Individuals considering making an appeal should read the sizing grid carefully. In order for an appeal to be successful, individuals will need to be able to provide evidence that their job is a different size to the role to which they have been mapped. People will need to provide evidence of work done at a different level through reference to job descriptions, objectives, or any other relevant documentation. Individuals doing the job will be best placed to gather this evidence. Do bear in mind that the sizing of jobs is done on the basis of a best fit rather than an exact match. The aim is to ensure roles of a broadly similar size are mapped to the same Reward Framework role.

Prospect will help review appeals for existing members prior to submission.

Has the union agreed to this?

We have agreed the new pay structure, the mapping grid and the additional protection to be applied to those being mapped to lower paid roles as a consequence of this exercise.

However, the individual mappings have not been agreed by Prospect. We have reviewed the broad shape of remappings with BT and have questioned a number of these. We have stressed the need for remappings to be done on a consistent and coherent basis so that each of the new role maps reflects the actual content of the job and that a clear explanation is available to individuals on why their role has been remapped.

Some of the remappings to roles with a lower OTB/Pay range/BB may be correcting inappropriate mappings done in the past. Others will be tidying up mappings where individuals have moved roles as a result of reorganisations or redeployment. In other cases the content of jobs may have changed over time. Ultimately the aim is to ensure that peers doing the same sized job are mapped to the same RF role.

We have stressed to BT the importance of ensuring line managers are able to give people a proper explanation of their situation and the rationale for their remappings. So your first point of call with your questions about the role mapping of your job is your line management.


The review of the Service job family has been a difficult and complex exercise. However, we have managed to secure significant improvements in the pay ranges for key first line manager roles which should help address some of the compression issues seen at that level. Many roles will be remapped upwards seeing higher pay ranges/OTB and/or Benefit Bands for the individuals in those roles. We have also managed to secure enhanced protection for those who are adversely affected by this exercise.

If groups of members would like us to hold meetings or conference calls to discuss any aspects of this review, please let us know.  

Major review of BT Service job family agreed with Prospect

As part of last year's pay deal, BT agreed to conduct a review of the Service job family with Prospect. We were very clear that we wanted to address the pay compression issues between line managers and their teams.

After intensive discussions, we have now agreed a new pay structure for the Service job family. As part of this we have secured significant improvements in the pay ranges for many of the new Reward Framework roles particularly at Band 1 level. In time, these should help address the pay compression issues we identified between line managers and their teams. Full details of the June 2012 pay review that will apply across all job families will be published to members later this week.

The key elements of the Service job family agreement (letter on the right of this page) are as follows:

  • The structure of the job family will change. The Service ops and team management disciplines will be collapsed into one new discipline - Customer Service. Band 1 and 2 roles in Customer service will be split between Complex and Core.  


  • The first line manager role in Service Ops (Service Ops solutions (SVSO06) current midpoint £30,500) will be replaced by a new role of Complex Team manager (SVCX04) with a new midpoint of £35,000


  • The current Team Manager Service Operations (SVTM10, midpoint £29,300) and Team Manager (SVTM11, midpoint £28,500) roles will be merged into a new Team Manager role (SVCO04) with a new midpoint of £31,000


  • The Band 2 Site/Centre manager (SVTM02, midpoint £40,400) and Multi-function centre manager (SVTM03, midpoint £39,500) roles will be merged into a new Centre manager role (SVCO03) with a new midpoint of £41,400


  • The current Service Client Relationship/Account management discipline will be renamed Service Management with a new Head of Service Management introduced. No one will be remapped into this role until after the June 2012 pay review. 
  • All other existing roles will have an equivalent role in the new structure
  • All people currently in the Service job family will lift and shift into the new roles prior to the June pay review. With the initial lift and shift no one will be adversely affected by the move to a new role code and pay range. The new pay ranges will be used for the June 2012 pay review. Details of the old to new roles and pay ranges are on the right of this page. A picture of the new structure showing the lift and shift plus old and new ranges is on the right of this page . Individuals affected will get a letter confirming their new role code and pay range in the week beginning 23rd April.
  • We will also conduct a joint case by case review of the small number of individuals in the new Complex first line manager role who may be earning less than those they manage with a view to awarding additional salary increases during the June 2012 pay review to address this situation
  • .People below the min of the new pay ranges will get a pay review in line with the agreed matrix in June 2012 with a further review in July 2012 if they are still below the new min. At that point they will receive a further increase in line with the agreed approach on those below the min for their range.
  • After the June 2012 pay review we expect some remappings of roles to take place. We do not know the full extent of this yet although the first indications are that this could involve up to 400 roles moving up or down across this job family or in/out of this job family and others. The remappings will take place using a job sizing grid that is to be discussed and agreed with Prospect during May 2012. The remappings will also be reviewed with us prior to any implementation. In addition, prior to implementation, BT has said it will aim to agree a set of principles on how individuals who are adversely affected by this remapping activity will be treated consistently across the business and to consider how any adverse impact could be mitigated. There will also be a process to review cases where an individual has substantive reasons to disagree with their revised mapping.
  • Prospect has identified some roles that deal with complaints handling in Retail which we believe could be bigger and more complex roles than the new Core first line manager role in a call centre and which could therefore better fit into the new Complex team manager role. BT has agreed to conduct a more detailed joint review of these roles in July 2012. If you work in these roles and would like to give us more info then do please get in touch. Meanwhile, BT has agreed to remap roles in Consumer Sales that deal with misselling complaints (OUC: MYZX) into the new Core Team manager role prior to the June 2012 pay review.  

We will be holding meetings and conference calls for members to talk people through the new structure in more detail in the coming weeks. Watch out for more information on these. If you would like to get a meeting or call set up in your locality or unit contact

Finally, we were only able to make this progress because our members give us a strong and effective voice. As the new structure is rolled out and remappings occur we will be providing advice to members who may need to question any proposed remapping of their role. We will only provide advice or support to individuals who are members of the union before they know the outcome of that remapping. If you know colleagues who are not members of Prospect, please encourage them to join now.