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Job mapping or sizing

Reward Framework – job mapping or sizing

With around 300 roles within the Reward Framework, ensuring that a job is mapped to the right salary range and benefits can be challenging. It is very important that this is done correctly and consistently.

We are working with BT to develop a more consistent approach to job sizing. That is a work in progress. So, for now, there are two different methods of sizing roles in the RF. For some jobs sizing is done by comparing the actual content of the job with a set of role profiles for a particular job family. (A job family is a group of jobs such as marketing).

BT should use the BT Reward Framework job sizing questionnaire to capture key information about the post.

Grids have been developed for the following job families:

Please click on each of the above to see the sizing grids for these families.

The remaining job families still use individual role profiles.

It is important that the actual content of a job is what is used to size a job – this needs to be up to date and include all relevant evidence. Job descriptions are often out of date or may just be a copy and paste of the role profile. So, you need to look at other sources of evidence including objectives and actual work completed. It is critical to remember that it is the job, not the person, that is being sized. Individuals may well be very capable of doing higher level work but this is not a process that assesses their capability, rather the actual work that is needed to be done.

If you are not happy with your role mapping, speak to your Prospect rep. We can advise you how to take this up – the first point of contact will usually be your line management or HRBP. If you want to challenge mappings formally then the grievance procedure is the route to use but please make sure you take advice first. The match may not be perfect – but should be broadly similar.

BT will remap roles from time to time. This should be done by a trained HRBP. The mapping of all Benefit Band 3/Executive level jobs will be checked by Reward when any vacancy arises. Individuals whose role has been remapped should be given an explanation of the basis for the remapping and should be able to see any evidence used as part of the remapping process.

Individuals whose role is remapped to a lower benefit band retain their benefits (car, medical insurance etc) on a grandfathered rights basis. Pay is not cut but they will be assessed against the salary range of the new role for pay reviews. Bonus transfer allowance may also be payable where there is a change in OTB bonus. Bonus transfer allowances are calculated as 50% of the lost bonus potential and paid over a 12 month period