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The Managing Under-Performance Process

The 'Managing Under-Performance' process

BT's Managing Under Performance procedure includes a checklist of actions which must be undertaken by line managers prior to moving to the inital formal warning stage of the procedure.Click on the links on the right hand side of this page for details of the procedure, checklist and actions.

Under this procedure you are entitled to a hearing, at which you may be represented by a union case handler, prior to a decision being taken to put you on a formal PIP. Informal PIPs no longer exist. A formal PIP is also known as an initial formal warning and is a very serious matter. The hearing is there to put your case forward and for that case to be considered. The decision on whether to move to an inital formal warning should only be taken after the hearing, not before.


There is an agreed appeals stage at the Initial Formal Warning (IFW) and Final Formal Warning (FWW) stages of the attendance and Managing Under Performance processes.

The appeal process is as follows:-

"Individuals must be informed in the decision letter of their right to appeal. The letter must include details of who they should address the appeal to and the individual's right to be accompanied at the appeal hearing. Appeals at both the Initial Formal Warning and the Final Formal Warning stages will normally be heard by the second line manager but where it is demonstrable that the second line manager has had an input to the decision then an independent manager of equivalent level or above should be appointed. The intention to appeal and the reasons for the appeal must be submitted within 3 working days of the decision being notified. The appeal will be heard and closed down within 8 working days of the appeal being registered/submitted. The individual may supply additional written submission to support their appeal - this must be submitted within 5 working days of the individual logging their intention to appeal. Individuals have no right to a second appeal."

This means that individuals being placed on a formal PIP can submit an appeal against the decision to place them on a formal PIP. The timescales for submitting the appeal are very tight but getting an appeal process in place is a significant step forward.

Submitting an appeal will not stop the formal monitoring from starting. However, BT has confirmed that they will not move to the next stage of the process whilst an appeal is outstanding.

The Managing Under Performance Prcoedure is a very serious procedure which may result in dismissal. Make sure you take advice. Contact the Helpdesk on 020 8971 6060