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Equal Pay Review

BT Equal Pay review January 2016

Prospect has now agreed with BT how the equal pay pot will be spent in January 2016. The aim of the review is to focus salary increases on people who are low in range to help reduce the equal pay gap in BT. Increases will be paid to people paid below different cut off points confirmed as eligible in the validation process.

Validation process

The agreed validation process is available here together with worked examples and questions and answers. In November this process will be used to determine who is eligible for an equal pay payment. Any money will be paid in January 2016 salaries.

The salary cut off points are as follows:

- 90% of the mid-point of the salary range for roles in Benefit Band 1

- 85% of the mid-point of the salary range for roles in Benefit Band 2 and

- 77.5% of the mid-point of the salary range for roles in Benefit Band 3 where the ranges are 70-130, 85% where the range is 80-120

Reward framework salary ranges are constructed around a midpoint – also known as the 100% point. Benefit band 1 and 2 salary ranges run from 80% to 120% of the midpoint. Some Benefit Band 3 salary ranges are wider and run from 70% to 130% of the midpoint. You can find out the 2015 pay ranges here. This web page also contains a lookup table to allow you to work out where you sit in the pay range.

The minimum pay award will be £100. Therefore an individual will not receive an award if:

- the resulting award value is less than £100 or

- they are less than £100 from the cut-off point for their role.

Who is eligible?

The potentially eligible pool of people for consideration for the Review are, in broad terms, the following:

  • Those in a Reward Framework role with a published UK pay range
  • Those paid more than £100 below the cut off points above.
  • Individuals with a 2014/2015 APR of DN or above and a 2015/2016 Q2 PR of DN or above unless there is a history of consistent low performance as evidenced by 3 years’ APR of DN or U

How much will be paid out to those deemed as eligible?

The amounts available will depend on the output from the validation process but the intention is that the following increases will be payable. There will be no discretion on the amount to be paid.

2014/15 year end APR rating       % payable subject to cap

Excellent                                              4%

Very Good                                            3%

Achieves Standards                             2%

Development Needed                          1%

Where people are new to the role i.e. appointed after 1 April 2015 the Q2 2015/16 rating will be used to determine the increase paid.

Individuals who believe they may have an equal pay issue should contact the Prospect Helpdesk 020 8971 6060 for advice.