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Equal Pay Review

Equal Pay Review 2017

The agreement also stipulated that there would be an equal pay review each 1 January (that is, 1 January 2015, 2016 and 2017). You can read the company’s 2014 pay offer letter here but this is what the offer letter stated as regards equal pay:

Equal pay

We will continue the practice of an Equal Pay review for implementation each subsequent January over the period of the agreement. We will consult with Prospect, in the normal way, in advance of the review being applied although the principles have been established in recent years.

As Prospect said back in 2014, the previous years’ equal pay reviews had been conducted on the basis of an increase to the overall pay budget of 0.3% - and in 2015 and 2016, there was indeed a budget increase of 0.3% of the overall RF pay bill used to fund increases for those low in their pay range.

As you know, BT has honoured each aspect of the agreement, with the sole exception – so far – of the 1 January 2017 pay review. We would regard any failure to conduct an equal pay review with effect from 1 January 2017 as a straight forward breach of the agreement entered into in 2014, and have made that clear to BT. BT has not said that it will not conduct the review – it has only said that it is postponing it. But the company has been less than clear about when, in that case, the review will take place.

We entirely appreciate how deeply frustrating it is that this review has not yet taken place. It is important to recognise that the delay is entirely down to BT.  We will continue to press BT to get on and conduct the review, back-dating any increases and will keep members informed of developments.

Prospect will soon be submitting it’s play claim for staff covered by the Reward Framework ahead of negotiations on 1 June 2017 pay review.