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BT Time off in Lieu

BT TOIL Agreement

The ability to take TOIL is enjoyed by all members covered by the RF. The text of the agreement we have with BT is as follows: 'The flexibility of time off in lieu will be made available to all in the structure. Based upon a standard 36 hour working week and in line with BT's commitment to work-life balance, where additional time is worked, individuals can take time off in lieu to cover the extra time worked. Individuals and their Line Managers should agree on when the time off is taken and if neccessary it can be added to the individual's holiday entitlement.'

Further where people are aligned to band one benefits any attendance on a Sunday will result in one day's time off in lieu. Where operationally neccessary paid overtime can be used as an alternative to TOIL.

Our aim in making this agreement, shared by BT, is to reinforce good practice coupled with a determination to establish and maintain a sensible, reasonable work-life balance for all managers and professionals in BT.

The TOIL agreement does not seek to establish a 'clock watching' mentality. It's intention is to encourage a sensible dialogue between managers and managed. Good managers, committed to BT's notion of work-life balance will know what sort of hours their people work and will seek to encourage their people not to over work day in,day out. Responsible people will draw their manager's attention to their hours. Where over-work is endemic it is incumbent on manager and managed to have a dialogue about why.  The TOIL agreement takes common sense and goodwill to work well.

There is information on the BT Intranet – – about how to book TOIL on BT’s HR system.


Agreement: BT TOIL Agreement Guidance   info
ID: 2011/01715