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BT Home Based Workers

BT Home-based Workers Agreement

Members in BT who work from home are covered by a Home-based workers agreement. We were one of the first unions anywhere in the world to negotiate an agreement which protects home-based workers and the current BT agreement is a development of this pioneering work.

If you work for BT and want to work from home either some or all of the time, you will need to talk to your line manager about doing so. The company encourages home-based working, particularly as many employees are now based in a different office or even a completely different part of the country from their boss. The agreement deals with health and safety, insurance and costs, the requirements for a home office, access to career development and promotion and how to terminate the arrangement if necessary.

If you are considering home-based working, you might like to talk to a colleague about their experience and consider how you will adapt. Some people find that home-based working makes them much more productive, while others miss the buzz of a lively office. Make sure you build in some time when you meet and mix with your colleagues and treat it as part of your work to keep in contact with them - if you have good connections, it will help you to feel part of the group in which you work and also make sure you don't miss out on the essential gossip and news which you will need.

If you think you might have problems getting your manager to agree to you working from home, talk to your local rep to see if they have any helpful arguments which might help you tip the balance. And don't forget - home-based working can be quite intensive and it is never a way of trying to combine your working day with either childcare or other caring responsibilities. If you are facing caring issues, you need to consider flexible working instead. 


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