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BT workplace adjustments & adjusted job search

BT workplace adjustments and adjusted job search

These are the processes for people who develop a disability or long term health condition, or whose existing conditions worsens, while working at BT.

There are two elements to this - enabling workplace adjustments which is all about business as usual adjustments to the existing job. The manager and employee guides to how this should work are below. BT also has a disability passport which is optional for an individual to complete with their line manager. This can be a useful place to record adjustments and other information relevant to an individual's disability or health condition. In the vast majority of cases we would expect reasonable adjustments to be able to be accommodated in the current role.

Exceptionally, where it is not possible to adjust the existing role then the adjusted job search process applies. The manager and employee guides are set out below. Before going into this job search process there is a requirement to produce a business case which must demonstrate why adjustments are not possible to the existing role.

The job search process is proactive and candidates are given high priority.

There will be no competitive interview where there is a reasonable skill match.

We also have an agreement with BT about the use of settlement agreements in cases concerning ill health, disability or sick absence. That is also shown below.




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