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Hundreds of managers and professionals face uncertainty as BT rolls out its People Framework changes to pay and job structures, and seeks to cut 13,000 jobs worldwide – including using non-voluntary redundancy in the UK for the first time.

BT's response to our consultative ballot

More than half of you (53%) took the time to express your view and cast your vote. Thank you. The final vote was:

  • Those voting yes: 55%
  • Those voting no: 45%

While we have a yes vote, this was never about just getting over the line and we fully respect the views of those who voted no. We completely understand that people want to see tangible actions and not just words that read well.

We get that, and we are going to act on that.

We wrote to BT on 6 August to advise them of this result and challenged them to respond in a positive way. You can download our letter here and BT's response, which was received on 7 August, here.

We tried very hard to make this consultation as open, honest and informed as possible. Being informed works both ways.

We have opened our annual survey. Given what we have to deal with over the coming months, it is absolutely crucial that as many members as possible fill out that survey. If you have not yet completed it, you can find it here.

Finally, we have held dozens of members' meetings and calls through this process. Thousands of you have spoken to us directly.

The nature of the issues means that some of those conversations were difficult. But I have been impressed with the professional and respectful way they have been conducted and I want to thank you for that.

Noel McClean, national secretary.

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