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Science news updates

Brexit flags
Theresa May the Prime Minister gave a major speech in Florence today in an attempt to move forward the Brexit negotiations.

Scientist in lab with test tube
Prospect kicked off its programme of events at the main party conferences discussing "are our science and innovation plans fit for purpose?” at the Lib Dem party conference in Bournemouth.

Met Office HQ
Gordon Hutchinson a Prospect members from the Met Office took to the platform at the TUC to support a motion calling for more public sector boards to include proper trade union representation on behalf of employees.

EU referendum
The Trade Union Congress has today backed by a wide margin a motion from Prospect calling for the TUC to protect science and innovation in the Brexit process.

Science test tubes
The UK government has published a new partnership paper on the future of collaboration with the EU on science and innovation.

The robots are coming
20 July 2016