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Performance management

Performance management in the civil service

Prospect members in the civil service have a new performance management process, with line managers under pressure to deliver a forced distribution of performance markings.

Does your face fit posterIf not closely monitored and challenged, the process may be used to force managed exits and drive down pay. Prospect is challenging this approach, and is providing advice for:

  • affected staff on how to deal with performance management and what to do if you think a rating is unjustified
  • line managers on how to ensure fairness in the performance management process, and how to address pressure from above to impose forced distribution.

Our key resources are listed on the right. Below is a wider list of downloadable resources and information.


PublicEye magazine, December 2016   info
PublicEye, Prospect's newsletter for members in public services. December 2016 issue
 21 December 2016 

Valuing my performance - Handbook for Civil Service members   info
Performance management handbook for Civil Service sector members to help promote fair recognition and appraisal and challenge unfair awards. May be used in CS Sector recruitment.
 04 November 2016 

PublicEye, issue 1, April 2016   info
Prospect's newsletter for members in public services. Contents include compensation scheme changes and performance management
 21 April 2016 

PublicEye, July 2015   info
Prospect's newsletter for members in public services
 29 July 2015 

PublicEye, 3/14   info
Contents include: Performance management – fix the system before it’s too late; unions work together on sustainability; one-stop shop for CSEP documents; digital government initiative; GOCO route wrong for Highways Agency; climate change experts’ flood warnings; save Kew; get ready for public sector pension changes; young members; shared services jobs face transfer overseas; Scottish Government, DfE and MOD pay; performance management poster.
 29 July 2014 

Performance Management 'Does your face fit' A4 posters   info
If your mark does not fit your performance …challenge it!
 17 July 2014 

Performance management in the Civil Service: quick guides   info
Quick, printable guides on performance management in the civil service - one for employees, the other for managers
 06 February 2014